Mar 1, 2010

TUESDAY 100302

15-12-9 rounds for max weight of

Clean (power or squat) and Jerk

**Athlete chooses a weight and maintains that weight through all three rounds. Rest as needed between rounds. Each round must be completed with out stopping, meaning you touch and go and the bottom of the clean. Only authorized rest positions are in the hang or in the rack. The penalty for each unauthorized rest period is 50 sit-ups.

Post wt for comment


jeffrey.paine said...

135# as Rxed. 2 Breaks (@11 in 1st rd; @9 in 2nd round).

Forearms burning. 100 situps completed as penalty.

RW said...


1 x fault on rep 14 of rnd 1

Brian said...

95# w/ 1 penalty (#7 rnd 1)

W/U included elements from yesterday I was not happy w/. HSPU's are getting deeper. Now 15# plate plus Abmat.

Michael said...

135 lbs - no faults

Considered doing 145, but pretty glad I did 135.

J. O'B said...
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J. O'B said...

First rnd @ 115# with one fault then 105# for last two rnds.

craigrr said...

135 lbs
1 x fault at 11 on rnd 1

George said...

95# 1 fault rd 1 rep 7
50 situps as fault

should have tried 105, but form work was good.

J. Bell said...

Cardio (AM): Ran 4 miles in 32 minutes (This turned out to be a mistake. WOD suffered b/c my legs were smoked)

Did first round at 135# (4 faults)
Remainder of rounds were done at 125# (2 faults)

Nick said...

125 with one fault. 50 Abmat situps completed as penalty

upty03 said... faults

Glad it's over.

Ray said...

100# as rxed.

1 fault on round 1 on 14th lift

I owe 50 situps. Had to leave to pick up son.

Probably should have done less because I'm certain my form is not accurate for either the clean or the jerk.

Russ said...

did Monday WOD. 135 lb FS, low score of 6 on the 7th round of Tabata. And of course, some elbows resting on knees last 5 rounds or so.

monroe said...

Warm up was double unders, TGU, and pistols
"Gwen" 115#, one fault. Well, at least the situps were unbroken!

Great work by our trainers today. What you are doing is important and very much appreciated!

John McGrady said...

115# w/ one fault 2nd rd 8th rep
50 situp debt paid
Grip was my failure again.

Neil said...

kept it light at 95#, with one round of penalty situps at the end.

Added a 4 mile run with the dog when I got home.

Shannon said...


1 fault on rep 2 of 15- did a hang power clean by mistake.

GTH said...


No faults- No me gusta Gwen!!!