Mar 10, 2010




15 x Overhead Squat (95/65)
400m run

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Michael said...

Any thoughts on how to execute this WOD?

For the morning crew, I have a bar and 50# of weight, but don't have any collars and the weights are not rubberized...if someone has collars, we could go to the track after linking up at the gym. Any thoughts?

Rage Peterson said...

Tampered down to 75# due to first tiem doing overhead squad. Got comfortable by third round. Jeff Paine marked out 400m route from the Xfit area to Hoge Barracks Havana club and back. Just touch the bricks and come back.

me: 10:49
Aaron Titko: 11:44

jeffrey.paine said...

11:02 as Rxed.

Run route distance may have been a touch long, but it was close enough for a good workout.

Michael said...

10:30-10:45 ish

I was at 11:37, but spent about a minute setting up another bar before the 2nd round...Jeff and I started out sharing a bar, but I didn't time it out very well...

Brian said...

When we were working out in Gruber, their staff would let us take equipment to the track by simply filling out one of the equipment signout cards. I assume Harney staff would do likewise.

C.L. said...

- Sub'd 400m row for run (tweaked quad yesterday afternoon)
- Accuracy on OHS improved during WOD (3rd rd was best). Seemed like it got better as I spread my hands out more (allowed me to lock my shoulders into place better

J. Bell said...

As Rx'd: 8:52

Strength: Chest (205#) and Dips (21-15-9)

RW said...

sub 400m row


J. O'B said...

12:26 as Rx'd
Very pleased with recent improvement in squat form and hip flexibility. Would not have been able to do this WOD Rx'd otherwise.

J. O'B said...

Thank you to Brian for the great Pose clinic. I'm now very close to almost wanting to go run!

D_E_K said...

Had a very long time on this as I dropped the weight 1st round b/c my thumb muscle /wrist hurts from the torque and Elizabeth gave me a few pointers to lessen it. After that I dropped wt to 60# and worked through it.

Ray said...

OHS- 45# bar only, Terrible form, balance.

Was first time doing OHS since starting CF. Elizabeth helped me with proper form.

Time- 13:16 using run from Harney to Havana Club door across the street.

John McGrady said...

Wasted a lot of time on OHS- should have used lighter weight