Mar 24, 2010


If you aren't Level I qualified, and you haven't applied for one of the scholarship slots, you are missing a great training opportunity! Don't let this one go by without even trying! If you missed the instructions, they are here.

Skills/Drills: Practice Turkish Getups with 35# KB. If you're really feeling froggy, try it with the 35# bar and heavy bar.


As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 12 minutes of:
7 Med Ball Cleans (20#/14#)
7 Burpees

Post total rounds to comments.


jeffrey.paine said...

Turkish Get-ups: 3 @ 35#; 1 @ 55# (struggled with getting down); 1 @ 45# barbell (struggled with balance).

METCON: 11 rounds + 4 cleans.

Rage Peterson said...

Turkish Get-ups: 4 each side with 35# KB.

METCON: 11 rounds. Smoked the calfs and quads. Great stuff.

Michael said...

Ran 2 mi and ended at gym

TGU - 3 ea side @35#

METCON - 10 rnds - really started dragging part of the way through, but I tried to focus on not muting my hips and doing the cleans properly as I went.

Nick said...

Russ and I worked this morning. The CFC gym had some weighted bars we used in addition to their 35# KB for the Turkish Get ups.

For the WOD I did 10 rounds plus 6 mbc.. Russ finished 11 rounds

C.L. said...

TGUs: Alternated between the 20# (I think) and 35# KBs. First time for me really working on them so tried to focus on technique. Did 6-7 on each side. Also worked on handstands.

METCON = 10 rds + 7 MBCs. Quads were screaming at me by the end.

monroe said...

worked up to 95# TGU with barbell. Got all the way up, could not get down. No rhythm, I guess.
Wod: 10 + 1 clean.

John McGrady said...

Worked 35 lb, 55 lb, and 45 lb barbell on the TGUs. The barbell really increases the challenge.
12 rds on the metcon.

upty03 said...

11 rnds + 2 cleans

RW said...

Turkish get-ups
5 @ 35lbs, 2 @ 55lbs then tried the bar and worked up to 55lbs.

METCON = 13 rnds +3 MBC

craigrr said...

12 rds + 3MBC

no way to do TGU

RDM said...

No turkish get-ups... core smoked from some extra lifting yesterday.

METCON: Got 11 rounds in 12:46. Got carried away and lost track of time.

GTH said...

Thanks to Mark Monroe for the help with the TGUs this afternoon. Did 2 each side with the KB, then each side with the 45# barbell.

WOD: 9 rds. + 7 MBC

.....can't say I was real disappointed not to get to that last round of burpees....