Mar 17, 2010



3RFT of:
Run 400m
21 reps of 1.5 pood (55#) KBS
12 pullups

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J. O'B said...

POSE Challenge

Since my hands are still wrecked from Monday, I decided to take Brian's Pose Challenge. Here's the deal: do an interval workout and then the next day do the same interval workout but only after doing the Pose drills. The purpose is to see if there is a performance impact from one session of Pose drills.

Today I did 6 x 400m with 3:00 recovery jog between 400s.
1:27, 1:32(pacing error), 1:27, 1:29, 1:30, 1:34
My goal was to do each at 1:30.

The metrics I'm going to use for comparison tomorrow are: avg time for first 5 intervals (1:29), the time beyond the 1:30 goal on the 6th interval (4 sec), and when I started feeling discomfort (interval 4). I'll be impressed if these numbers hold steady tomorrow.

The jogging recovery might degrade my Pose form tomorrow. I didn't think about that until I was well into today's workout. Oh well. We'll see.

Nick said...

I failed to attain virtuosity at "Nick" because I showed up today.. if you have no idea what Im talking about you can look at J.O'Bs slam of me yesterday.. well I made it in today and did Helen.
12:11 as Rx'ed. PBLY should have used running shoes, however shaved off over 2 min from the last time we did this and did it all as Rx'ed this time. Also, LTC Vick from Stuart's class is missing his keys from this mornings workout.. if you find keys.. they are pbly his

C.L. said...

8:33 as rx'd

I put a run route on the board for anyone who's interested. First time for Helen.

Neil said...

"Nick" is my new favorite workout, hands down.

jeffrey.paine said...

Posting this to and for comments (all the love, Phil).

Did not have a KB, so subbed Burpees. Not an exact sub, but we were in the park in Harker Heights.

Total: 16:43. Burpees take a long time, especially after running 400m sprints.

Ft Hood CrossFit gyms run a little differently from ours. They run organized workouts at specific times and are generally not open other times. My guess is because they are run by volunteer soldiers that have to get time off from work to do WODs. Hence, the modified WOD at the park.

Nick - I am jealous. Yo now have a WOD named after you.

C.L. said...

Just tried out some homemade rings I made over the break. They work as advertised. Got the idea from CF forum. I can give the directions to anyone who wants them, and I can bring them in next week for anyone that's interested. Pretty easy. For about $50, I made rings and paralettes and still had a piece of PVC left over for drills.

George said...

RX 13:43, about 30 sec faster than previous time
for my run i ran to the brick wall at Hoge and back. i think going through the gym slowed me up a little, but not significantly

10-1 please stay on break. i'm really enjoying the extra parking everywhere

Brian said...

55# was too much for me. I struggled through it, but should have scaled. 12:06

J. O'B said...

Make-up Helen: 11:47 as Rx'd

Last time(9SEP09)I scaled with 35# KB and Russian style swings. 15:01