Mar 26, 2010


Rest, enjoy your weekend. The application window for the Level 1 is closed. We'll distro the results early next week.


George said...

ran the "Rock the Parkway" 5k this morning with the family. Managed to get a 29:45 pushing the double running stroller. I think I could have shaved 2-3 minutes off my time, but the first mile I was having trouble weaving through the pack of slower runners to get to a decent speed. Managed a sub-9min pace the last mile.

Russ said...

Nick & I made up Friday WOD and posted under Friday. CFC had no med balls higer than 15#, and no KB higher than 35#, so we adjusted.

IMCF Canada Detachment

J. O'B said...

Did the full Wk 1 drills with a metronome. Was smoked from the drills so only managed 2 - 200m intervals following the drills. Still working on strengthening my calves.

Brian said...

Good job George. I ran the MWR 5k on post today @24:23, but was not pushing a stroller. Cold and wet.

J.O'B, glad you are working the drills. I'll be having a makeup class soon for those who couldn't make it the first time.

J. O'B said...

Did a makeup for Grace from Spring Break. Results under original WOD date 17MAR.