Mar 20, 2010


Rest, enjoy your weekend. Shovel some spring-time snow. I refer to my previous comment about March. "March is God's way of showing people that don't drink what a hangover feels like..."GK


George said...

made up friday's WOD this morning, posted results there

Ray said...

Also did Friday's WOD today
and posted results there

J. O'B said...

Tonight I tried a turnip and rutabega dish that I saw at

Didn't know what to expect. I had never tried either vegetable before. The dish was very good and those vegetables are in season.

C.L. said...

Made up Friday's WOD:
- SP = 145, 155, 155
- PP = 155, 165, 170
- PJ = 170, 175, 185 (new PR)

I've gotten some of my own gym set up over the break. It's been pretty motivating to work out on my own stuff (and my wife likes the time it saves and she can still park in the garage).