Mar 28, 2010

MONDAY 100329

Modified CrossFit total:

1RM max of the following:
Clean (in the future, all cleans are squat cleans unless annotated as power cleans, HPCs, etc.)
Bench Press
Overhead Squat

Post wts to comments.


Brian said...

C: 140 -still trouble getting under
B: 200 -pleasant suprise
S: 85 -I expected more
T: 425 -A new starting point

I liked this, 3 of my weaker exercises put together.

jeffrey.paine said...

I like this new combination, too.

Clean: 175
Bench: 235
OH Squats: 135
Total: 545

upty03 said...

oh squats--185

635 total

Michael said...

Clean - 195
BP - 215
OH Squats - 165 but a little shallow on this one...
TOTAL = 575

Up to 1RM on clean, form was pretty good, but my last attempt was more like a power clean with squat. I tried to improve it on a subsequent attempt, but lost balance at the bottom of the squat during the catch. Definitely room for improvement.

craigrr said...

Clean = 175
Bench = 245
OH squat = 165
Total = 585

GTH said...

Clean: 175#
Bench: 255#
OHS: 115#
Total: 545#

OHS are still a struggle for me....still working on technique. I also noticed my bench has gone down a bit from my lifting days.....but I know I'm in better shape. Guess this is all part of the 'general physical preparedness' concept.....

George said...

C: 185, got 205 but it was a power clean with no squat at all
B: 245
OHS: 95, almost had 135, but my technique is still a little off

T: 525

Wayne L said...

555# total

185# for squat clean, pleasantly surprised there.
245# bench, probably could have got more but worked some bench press this weekend seeing how crosfit rarely ever includes bench press into WODs
125# for overhead squat. can't seem to maintain the balance going down which is actually more of a problem than the weight

John McGrady said...

clean- 185
bp- 250
ohs- 155
total- 590

I was really surprised at my OHS.

J. O'B said...

Clean: 175
Bench: 225
OHS: 135
535 total

Ray said...

1RM results:

Clean 110# (last max 95#)
Bench Press 205# (215# assisted, last max 145#)
Overhead Squat 55#

Total: 370#

OHS form is awful. Need to practice more.

RW said...

Clean = 190
Bench = 240
O/H Squat = 175

Total = 605

C.L. said...

Clean: 170
Bench: 275
OHS: 165
Total: 610

New PRs on clean and OHS. First time for 1RM on bench for a looooong time. Had more strength left for cleans, but technique and form need improvement. Much improved on OHS. It definitely helps for me to have my hands really wide on the bar. Ryan should me the technique of starting with the weight on my back and doing a push press or push jerk to get it into the overhead position.

Shannon said...

Clean: 105
Bench: 135
OH Squat: 95
Total: 335

Russ said...

(Make up on 3/30)
SC: 155
BP: 275
OHS: 95
Total: 525