Mar 21, 2010

MONDAY 100322

constantly varied...Today's WOD is a partner workout, so find a buddy and suffer together.

The two person team must complete:
100 HSPU's
100 Pullups
200 air squats
300 situps
400 feet walking lunges with 45# plate overhead (wall to wall is about 100ft)

You and your partner can break down the exercises in any manner, and they do not have to be completed in order before progressing to the next exercise.

Post total team time to comments and for comment. Enjoy.


jeffrey.paine said...

Morning crew - who all will be there? Mike? Ryan? George? Upty? Chad?

Rob will be on his way to ALabama, so probably can't count on him.

upty03 said...

afternoon for me

Michael said...

Jeff, I am in for the AM.

John McGrady said...

I'm there in the afternoon after class. I'll team up w/ whoever is there.

George said...

I'll be there. Don't count on me for too many HSPU though.

CR said...

I didn't have a partner so I just broke the WOD in half.

50 HSPU, 50 PU, 100 squats and 150 SUs. I didn't do lunges due to an injury.

Time of 11:48

jeffrey.paine said...

Partnered with Mike Wagner

Time: 23:14.

Breakdown (Me/Mike)
HSPU - 50/50
Pull-ups - 45/55
Squats - 100/100
Situps - 135/165
W. Lunges - 200 ft each.

Good times.

C.L. said...

Made up Grace from 17 Mar:
- 6:54 as rx'd (new PR - 1:53 faster than 31 Dec)

I'll be there in the afternoon for today's WOD

jps said...

anyone for 16-1700 today?

RW said...

w/ George


each of us did 10 sets of 5HSPU/5 PL/10 SQTs/15 SU and then did the walking lunges together.

upty03 said...

Partnered with Ian time 18:35

Broke it down in half across the board...he finished everything when I had 15 feet of walking lunge left.

J. O'B said...


I intended to do half the reps but somehow ended up doing 10 extra situps and I also did the full 400' of lunges. Woops!

J. O'B said...
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John McGrady said...

Did this with CL in 23:02. We went at our individual pace and just recorded the reps on paper. Probably lost a little time writing it down, but not much.

RDM said...

Didnt have a partner so I did half plus a few extra PU and all the lunges by myself.
After 32 minutes I threw up in my mouth and called it quits.
60 PU
100 Squats
150 SU
400' Lunge

Shannon said...

Partnered up with Glen, split the WOD and each did half.


GTH said...

Partnered with Shannon.


Nick said...

Russ and I did this in Canada.. which was a little difficult due to the equipment.. our time was 25:12

Nick said...

Actually on Monday.. since we had not figured out access to internet.. we did
DL 3X3X3X3X3
and then

On the DL we did 260
SP, 115