Mar 23, 2010

It's Worse Than You Remember

I hope this finds everyone well back at Fort Leavenworth. I sorely miss the gym at Harney.

So I have been away from the affiliate and Fort Leavenworth now for three months. As I sit here waiting for a flight down to Afghanistan, I have time to share a few thoughts.

For the full on Kool-Aid drinking CrossFitter or the newly introduced, the realization that CrossFit works is an obvious one. We have all been lucky. But the Army is in worse shape than you remember. Many of us left command, hit a job in TRADOC or at West Point or something, went to ILE, and are at some point in the pipeline back out to the field force. But the Army has remained stagnant in developing its PT program.

I have watched for months now, in total amazement, Soldiers doing PT in the Army. It is sad. Most NCOs have not received the training required to conduct PT. Most officers don't look at PT as the one hour of dedicated training a day that is guaranteed. This combination lends itself to Soldiers that look at PT as a single hour of discomfort to be avoided if possible. This isn't an indictment on the NCOs, this is one on the officers, and it will be our challenge to fix it.

Many of us chuckle at Comprehensive Soldier Fitness or the Resilency training. I did as well at first, but once you get back out here, you understand so much better that these programs are needed. Badly.

Ryan Wylie made the comment once that Sergeants are required to have the skills of a personal trainer, making the weak strong and the fat skinny. I fear that the personal trainer that might be needed soon is Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser.

Hit those WODs hard. Train to lead our Army.

Dave Maxwell
Founder, Iron Major CrossFit

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Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Dave, thanks for the downrange feedback, albeit a little depressing. Or, maybe just an unending field of opportunity. Either way, its good to see you're carrying the torch forward, while we're trying to maintain the excellence that you started back here. I hope that when I return back to my "community", it won't be as bad as you say.