Mar 18, 2010

FRIDAY 100319

Shoulder Press 3-3-3
Push Press 3-3-3
Push Jerk 3-3-3

Post weight TO comments.


J. O'B said...

POSE Challenge Results (see post yesterday for background)

I reran the 6x400m intervals this morning but this time I did the week 1 Pose drills first.

Avg for 1st 5 intervals - 1:25.4 (3.6 sec improvement)
Time beyond the 1:30 goal on last interval - 2sec under (6sec improvement)
Started feeling discomfort - 2nd interval (2 intervals sooner)

Bottom line: I ran faster. Even if it was by placebo effect, I'll take it. I think I started hurting sooner with Pose because I'm not conditioned to it (the drills winded me) and my first 2 intervals were fast. I think the Pose method has merit and I'll continue to work on it.

Brian said...

SP 115 (new 3RM)
PP 145 (no change)
PJ 155 (new 3RM), 160 (new 1RM)

Nick said...


New one rep max on PJ. I sort of hurt my left wrist today, I noticed that my grip was off, I believe... once I adjusted my grip so that the bar was more over my forearm it felt a little better. Still a little tender though.

Worked on Handstands, pistols and dus after workout. For me, a big improvement on handstands as I almost have one against the wall.

C.L. said...

Made up 10K from Tuesday before the March blizzard hits Leavenworth on Saturday = 49:57. Pretty happy with that considering I haven't run much lately.

I also found out that school playground swings make a perfect place to hang homemade rings. Pretty stoked about doing muscle-ups on my own rings!!!

Ray said...

Did Thursday's WOD: Helen

Owe Tuesday's 10K and Friday's WOD

Time 23:10

Scaled KBs to 35# and pull ups to ring pull ups.

Also ran close to 950m on first rep as I was totally confused by the directions for 400m on the white board. Did not see landmarks described and ended up running long route to the track and back. Last 2 reps of 400m I did the run from the gym area to Hoge Barracks/Havana Club brick wall.

Michael said...

SP 125
PP 135
PJ 145, 155, 165

then ran just under 6k at 27:02

George said...

SP: 135, 135, 145
PP: 145, 165, 165
PJ: 165, 185, 185 (failed)

Ray said...

SP 115#
PP 115#
PJ 95#
noticably weaker on PJ after the others. Form for PJ didn't feel right.