Mar 4, 2010

FRIDAY 100305

5-5-5-5-5, these are sets across, so build to 5 rep max and execute 5 sets


21-15-9 reps of
Bench Press (75% 1RM)

Post wt and time for comment. Enjoy!


Nick said...

Today (thurs) after the foundations class, Jeff and I tried to get the rowers working in the gym. We only have 2 working now. I was thinking, would ICE cards from the crossfitters help accentuate the need for the MWR to actually take care of these items. I dont want to do anything counter productive, however, at the same time, Im tired of the broken equipment. Thoughts?

jeffrey.paine said...

Nick - that may be a supporting effort, but I don't think that ICE cards in and of themselves will get the necessary attention. Calling the MWR manager probably will. Just my thoughts. If we need someone to make the call, I will do it.

jeffrey.paine said...

For the WOD today:
Deadlift - 275,285, 295, 305, 305

METCON: BP @ 155#
Time 10:53

Ryan and I talked briefly on whether the METCON was a strength focus or a true METCON. Mike Wagner and I did it as a METCOn with less weight and a faster time. Ryan and ROb did a higher weight and took a little longer. Either way, it was grueling and painful.

RW said...

DL = 225, 275, 295, 315, 315, 275 (worked form on extra set)

WOD = 11:33

BP @ 165

I agree with Jeff, whether you do this one as a METCON focused WOD or more strength WOD you are going to do a lot of work. My opinion is that with the prescribed weight for the BP @ 75% of 1RM (granted this might be a little heavy) it is intended to be more of a strength WOD. Consider that for the WOD Diane, most of us are working at between 60-70% of or 1rm (if your DL 1 RM is around 350-370).

Ray said...

Nick, Jeff:

Both myself (Deputy Director) and my Boss (Director) of the Navy Element do CrossFit and are enjoying the benefits of the functional gym at Harney. My boss, CAPT Murray, could call and also could mention this to BG(P) Cardon if need be. Bottom line, I'll call today or Monday at the latest, see how it goes, and report back. I agree, that's an MWR function to fix broke eqpt. I know this (CF, Harney) is a big part of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness initiative, so there is help/support at CGSC.

Michael said...

DL - 275 x 5
and worked form. Last time I pushed too much weight & form suffered (as well as my back)

METCON - BP @ 155 for 1st round, then 135 for 2nd & 3rd rounds b/c I reached failure pretty quickly and needed some assistance from Jeff on several occasions...
time: 9:50

Is it possible for this to have both METCON & Strength?

J. Bell said...

For me the WOD was definitely a strength workout.

BP weight = 205# (slightly higher than 75% 1RM)

Time: 12:19

Did yesterday's WOD first (Total = 149)

craigrr said...

DL = 225, 275, 295, 315, 335

METCON = 9:23 185lbs

If I had this to do over I would slow down on the bench press and treat it more as a strength exercise. I needed help from my spotter when I did the 15 and 9 rep bench press rounds. I should have taken a little more rest when I hit failure.

monroe said...

According to Rippetoe, anything over 5 reps you are working at something other than strength. The 5's you did prior to the metcon is a strength work, and it is proper that it preceeds the metcon. Strength is a persistent adaptation. The novice will see significant increase in strength using the CF methodolgy, but randomization training is not particularly effective for developing strength. Remember, Crossfit is about GPP.

upty03 said...

DL--315 across

METCON--BP weight was 175; time 12:28

Thanks to the guys in the gym that picked the bar up off my chest with one rep to go...had you not been there, you might have read about my death in next week's Lamp.

J. O'B said...

In the morning I did a makeup for the recent 5K.

This afternoon:
DL - 245# across
METCON - 12:19 with 155# BP

Wayne rescued me with a spot and then (together with Diane) I paid it forward by rescuing Nick.

Nick said...

ran and did 4 400s this morn with a lap in btw. with warm up and cool down about 4.5 miles. 400 times were 127,133,132,133
did 315,315,315,325, 335 for deads.. metcon 1210 with 175 .. needed help with spot on last round..then did 500 m in pool,200 crawl and 150 each kick board and pull buoy

C.L. said...

Deadlift: 315, 315, 320, 325, 325 (fault on last rep - it didn't move)

METCON = 10:37 as rx'd
- Used 165# (based on Lynn weight) on first rd and got 21 straight; on second rd it all came crashing down (literally) after 2 reps; self-spotted and used 145# for the rest of the WOD.

D_E_K said...

DL - 165
METCON w/ 70 lbs 10:08

Brian said...

I started the day w/ yesterday's WOD. Posted there.

Worked up to 300# 5RM on DL.

I wasn't sure my 1RM, so started at 135#. I failed at 14 reps, then reduced it to 115#, where I finished the 21 reps. I continued 115 until I failed on #8 of round 2. I dropped it to 95# where I finished. (9:11)

Ray said...

Didn't get to Friday's WOD until today.

Made up 50 situps from Tuesday's Gwen

Deadlift: 145#

Time 11:14

John McGrady said...

DLs- 225, the rest 255

WOD w/ 155 9:48

George said...

Clean: 255, 275, 285, 295, 295

METCON: scaled for speed to 50% 1 RM, 135


Gary said...

DL: 225, 245, 275, 285, 285
BP: started 155, had to drop to 135 midway through second round. Painful.

Russ said...

(Done 3/8)

255 x 5 on DLs
METCON: 17:33 @ 195 lbs bench

Shannon said...

DL= 165 across

WOD = 10:32

BP @ 100lbs