Mar 18, 2010

CrossFit Level I Scholarship Application Process

Iron Major CrossFit Level I Scholarship application process

WHO: Any current CGSC/SAMS students who are interested in obtaining their CrossFit Level I certification

WHAT: Students that are interested in enhancing their ability and knowledge of CrossFit will have the opportunity to receive high quality training and the CrossFit Level I certification. Interested applicants need to complete a one page essay that answers the following question:
"Explain how attending the CrossFit Level I certification will benefit you personally and professionally"
In the same application, but separate from the essay answer the following questions:
1) Describe your CrossFit experience level and your current level of fitness.
2) Have you ever participated in an Ironmajor Foundations Class? If yes, when?
Specific to the format, in the header, place your name (last, first, rank), your CGSC/SAMS class, branch of service. Example: Sweetcheeks, Randy MAJ, CGSC 10-1, US Army

WHEN: Submission window is from Saturday, 20 MARCH at COB (1700) until we have received 50 applicants, and NLT 25 MARCH COB (1700). First 50 applicants will be considered!

WHERE: Submissions need to be sent to MAJ Ryan Wylie in accordance with the submission window.

WHY: Its time to commit to a PT program that will fundamentally change the way you view physical fitness. Once committed, it's time to spread the love.

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