Feb 9, 2010


Choose one of the following CFE workouts:

800m swim max effort
1.5 mile run max effort
2500m row max effort

then...when complete...do

5 repetitions of one minute of work, one minute of rest for the event you chose. Keep track of total distance covered during your intervals.

Post time for event chosen, as well as distance covered, for comment.

Confused about what tactics are appropriate in full spectrum operations? You could always consult the book of armaments. 1..2...5!


D_E_K said...

Three, sir!

Phil B said...

2500m row - 9:50.
note to self, drinking coffee all day to finish readings doesn't bode well for the next morning's workout.

intervals - 1385m

jeffrey.paine said...

800m Swim - 18:17
Intervals - 290m

RW said...

800m swim = 14:35

Intervals = 375m (I swam 75m each interval @ between 1:06 - 1:10, then rested the remainder of the minute)

C.L. said...

2500m row = 10:13

Intervals = 268m, 277m, 291m, 288m, 300m
- Total = 1424m

Along with marathoners and swimmers, I now wonder why anyone would do crew...

J. Bell said...

1000m swim - 20:49

Intervals: 65m, 65m, 65m, 60m, 60m

Phil, it's only a lot of reading if you do it. Later J.

upty03 said...

1.5 mile run = 10:40

Intervals = ~1500 meters (I did them on a treadmill, and maintained a 6:15-5:45 pace for a minute...guessing that that was about 300 meters per)

Wayne L said...

ran 2 miles - 15:20. very slow since my 1 minute mile at max effort is right around 7min. I'll blame it on extra cardio work this week and the cold.

then made it around the track 3 times plus an extra 100-125m.

John McGrady said...

800m swim- 17:03
250m on the intervals

Nick said...

row 2500 time 9:57
intervals 288,289,285,272,285

D_E_K said...

Swim: 15:12

Intervals: Got approx 1.5 laps in each min. stopped short on first and fourth, 3 full half-laps on others.

Then...washed car for time.

Gary said...

Decided to punish myself for dietary indiscretion all week.

Row. 8:57, Intervals 1522m total
Run. 10:58, 1.02 miles on intervals (probably inflated because I kept the treadmill walking for the rest cycles)
Swim. 13:18, 75m/min on intervals (+/- 2 sec)

Now I'll go get a half price burger at High Noon.

J. O'B said...

2500m row - 10:00
rested 5:00, then
5x1:00 row intervals - 285m, 285m, 280m, 275m, 275m. Total 1400m.
First time rowing that far so I'm pleased. I benefited greatly from a small amount of C2 coaching from Diane.

Neil said...

800- 16:50
intervals - 350m

Rage Peterson said...

2500m row: 10:50
intervals: 262/262/262/270/280

great times!