Feb 15, 2010

TUESDAY 100216


5 RFT:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Situps
50 squats
rest 3 min between each round.

Post total time for comment.


Russ said...

Just looking back in the log, you can compare this one to 11 NOV 09. Barbara came callin' that day too.

jeffrey.paine said...

As rxed
4:09, 5:17, 6:11, 6:35, 6:15
Total time (including 3 min rest periods): 40:17

Fun will be had by all. . .

CR said...

Total time (including rest periods): 25:13

time doesn't include bathroom break at the end of round 3.

RW said...

total time: 32:59

chest to ground push-ups
feet supported sit-ups

J. O'B said...

35:48 w/ feet supported situps

Ouch! I pretty sure that I'm coming down with a real bad case of GAAT.

Russ said...

Nice time Chad.

Do-over of Friday's Lynne for me:

64 BP , 72 pullups, 136 total

Brian said...

38:52, unsupported situps.
I am happy to be working out again after ~3 weeks off. Sinus infection wiped me out. Waited too long to see a Dr.

Michael said...


Tough getting back into things after a week of sickness in the house.

craigrr said...

Total time = 32:20
rd 1 = 3:24
rd 2 = 3:37
rd 3 = 3:54
rd 4 = 5:02
rd 5 = 4:23

feet supported sit ups

upty03 said...


Wayne L said...

Total time 31:01, but I didn't take the 3 minute rest btw rounds. Actually, just didn't know about it until afterwards

Jorge R. said...

30: 58 including rest periods...
Had to do jumping pull- ups on the last 10 of each set of 20. My left arm is still recovering and shoulders are a bit sore (wah, wah, wah!).

John McGrady said...

36:06 w/ feet supported situps

Jeff said...

After months of seeing you guys post information online I finally have to get on the rings with you. Time was 39:44 for Barbara. JR

J. Bell said...

33:15 with feet supported sit ups

Russ said...

5:47 (forgot to rest)
Total w/ 3 x 3 min rests = 34:17

Phil B said...

Did this Wednesday. As Rx'd total time with rest intervals: 29:42 (PR)

feet supported

Neil said...

I'll be the weak link with a 52 minute time. Not my favorite workout.

Gary said...

34:58 as rx'd