Feb 1, 2010

TUESDAY 100202

30 Muscle ups for time.

If you don't have the muscle up, work the progression.

Post time for comment.

Compare to 091209


J. O'B said...

Continuing with doing my own thing this week... J.T. (21-15-9 of HSPU, Ring dips, pushups)

19:17. First 18 HSPU were as rx'd then the rest with bands. Less scaling but took much longer than last time (6NOV09). Probably should have scaled more.

jeffrey.paine said...

30 MUs in 24:42.
:37 slower than last time, but. . .
I strung the first 16 together (6-4-3-3) in just under 5 minutes. I will call it improvement so as not to be a complete failure for the day.

CR said...

6:08 as rx'd

Nick said...

Did MU attempts.... need to continue working.

Then made up the 6x500 m row event from last week
1:46, 1:48, 1:52, 1:50, 1:48, 1:49

Russ said...

20 minutes. Didn't string any together, just 1-dismount-1-dismount...etc.

Then 2 mile run @ 12:48.

Rambo...6 minutes? Tell John Connor hello when you see him in the future ya freakin cyborg.

RW said...

7:04 rxd (PR by 3 or 4 min)

Trying to keep up with Upty helped my time.

C.L. said...

17:27 as rx'd
- First time to get through 30. Got stuck for 2-3 minutes between reps 8 and 9 (over thinking it). The majority were singles.

upty03 said...

6:49...pr by alot.

Helped to have RW (Master Muscle-up Teacher Qualified) as competition.

John McGrady said...

Made it to 26, finished by subbing pullups/ringdips 3:1.
I did string 5 together, and finished 15 in 3 minutes. So not a total failure. After that my grip was pretty much gone.

J. Bell said...

There are no rings on FT Carson...Can you believe it? I did a track WOD instead (similar to today's CF's main site WOD)

800m sprint
50 push ups & 50 sit ups
400m sprint backwards
50 push ups & 50 sit ups

Total time: 43:08 (altitude and wind suck...BAD!!!)

craigrr said...

Shoulder injury, Sub: 100 double unders 4:01 and
KBS (55lbs)
Box Jump (24in)

B_A said...

Got my first MU today!! Ugly as hell, but got up. Did another much smoother one two tries later...lots of ring PU/dips otherwise

Phil B said...

did this wednesday. 5:57 (PR by 1.5 mins). I followed the "sherwood technique" where you do a MU every 10 seconds or so. Seemed to work better than my normal technique of max effort early, then suffer through the rest.