Feb 24, 2010


Run 5k

Post time for comment. Watch out for black ice.


jeffrey.paine said...

Given that the temperature was 6 deg when I left my house, I opted for rowing 5k vice running it.

time: 20:48

Michael said...

I was lucky enough to have Jackie to make up, so I did that this AM...will make up the 5K run during daylight at least.

Jackie was @7:20, I'll post details on Tuesday's page.

Brian said...

I made up Jackie from Tue (posted there), then ran the 5k slowly. That was the most bundled up I've been for a run in a long time. 33:51

Ray said...

5k (3.14 route around my neighborhood) = 39:39

Ran at 1600

Pretty cold run; 1st mile really uncomfortable until I warmed up

Nick said...

Did CFE workout this morning. John and I chose bike.. which was pbly a bad idea since the work out was 15 min at 85% effort. Not having biked in a while and not on the bikes at harney, it was difficult to get a good feel for 85%. Ended up doing 4.10 miles.

This afternoon, did a swim workout
300 m warm-up
3x50 kick board
3x50 pull buoys
4x100 at max effort.

then did 6x50 to finish up. Times were all 46 or 47 sec for these. I worked on my flip turns during this.

J. Bell said...

It was cold here too...

Did a 1 mile swim (35 laps) - 36:27

John McGrady said...

I begrudgingly did the 5k at 29:06. While this is no athletic feat, I compared my heart rate to some 5k's I did in August/September before I started doing crossfit, and my average heart rate was 12-14 bpm slower at a similar speed and time.

craigrr said...

Over head squat: 3-3-3-3-3
115, 125, 125, 135, 135

100 x double unders

J. O'B said...

This a.m. with Nick did the CFE 15:00 sport workout on the stationary bike. 4.36 miles.

This p.m. did a make up of Jackie.

RW said...

3.3 mile (approx) = 20:55

felt pretty good. have not run since Christmas and did not go full out today. Hilly course, pretty clear of ice.

Michael said...

22:54 on Sat. I could tell that it had been a while since thr last time I ran.

Last 5k was 21:06

Russ said...

(from 2/27) 5k/3.2mi on treadmill in 21:15

J. O'B said...

22:15 (1:15 improvement from my last 5K, 9OCT)