Feb 5, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Rest, make up WODs as needed. Contemplate complexity theories and their relation to current joint doctrine.

Great job Jeff on Jan/Feb! Get ready for Russ! The rest of February and early March's suffering is brought to you by our very own Russ!



J. O'B said...

4 RFT: 25 pushups, 25 situps, 800m row. 20:30

Last night I tried a paleo recipe for stuffed peppers. I used the following recipe as a starting point. I made adjusments to get Zone portions and to add my favorite spices. It was very tasty. http://www.sonofgrok.com/2009/02/recipe-stuffed-peppers/

Michael said...

Someone showed me these clips of a group called the bartendaz. From what I can tell they try to get city kids to use playground eqmt, etc. to work out and stay clean.

The reason I'm posting is the social message or anything, it is the crazy pullups and stuff that they do. I know this audience will appreciate them. Here is one link, there are lots of others on youtube.


C.L. said...

Made up "Ensign" from 100128:

1) 3 + 3 power cleans
2) 3
3) 3 + 1 power clean
4) 2 + 2 ring dips
5) 3 + 1 power clean
6) 2 + 3 push-ups