Feb 28, 2010

MONDAY 100301

Ahhh March..to be spring or not. Here in Kansas, it's the "or not"...or as I heard today on the radio..."March is God's way of showing people that don't drink what a hangover feels like" - Garrison Keillor

Work on Ring HSPU's. You'll need to make sure your legs are secure around the straps, and use bands if necessary.

For 12 minutes, each minute, on the minute do:
2 Front Squats (at 75% 1RM)
4 Ring Dips
6 Knees to Elbows (K2E)

Once you bust the 1 minute time limit, you're done.
Record wt. for FS, and rounds completed for comment.

Bottom to bottom WallBall Tabata's (20s work/10s rest)

Enjoy! Happy Monday!


D_E_K said...

What does "bottom to bottom" mean and what is the total time?

Brian said...

Bottom to bottom means your "rest" is an active rest in the squat position. Scaling of a bottom to bottom might include a lighter ball, or standing and shaking it out.
Tabata: 8 rounds for 4 min total.

When in doubt, a good resource is the crossfit main site FAQ:
"For twenty seconds do as many reps of the assigned exercise as you can - then rest 10 seconds.
Repeat this seven more times for a total of 8 intervals, 4 minutes total exercise.
The score is the least number of reps for any of the eight intervals. "

jeffrey.paine said...

Worked on rotating in to a handstand on the parallets somewhat unsuccessfully).

METCON #1 - 150# FS and completed all 12 rounds on time.

Tabata Wall balls - 10-10-9-8-7-7-7-8 (those were horrendifficeble)

CR said...

12 rounds with 135 FS.

Tabata: Averaged 10-12 per go.

RW said...

12 rounds @ 175lbs FS

Tabata = 8 reps lowest score (had to rest my elbows on my knees that last 3 or 4 rounds, not so "active" of a rest.

Michael said...

Ring HSPU were a no go.

Did 12 rounds with 150# on the front squat. Did K2E because I wasn't sure how long the rounds would take, and probably should have done ankles to the bar as I only used 30-35 seconds each round.

METCON #2 - 10 reps per round.

Brian said...

HSPU on wall getting better- down to a 35# plate and abmat consistently today.

METCON #1: 130# and dips for ring dips, but still only 1 round under a minute.

Tabata: 8

I went back & did rest of my METCON1 w/ 115# w/o regard to time to work on the strength.

J. Bell said...

12 rounds @ 175lbs FS

Tabata = 8 reps lowest score (had to rest my elbows on my knees that a couple of times)

Worked HSPU (still no rings): 12, 10, 9, 8

Cardio: Bike, hill workout 35 min.

upty03 said...

Ring HSPU was an adventure...might need to have an ambulance and spine board on stand-by later this week.

METCON 1: 12 rounds at 200#

METCON 2: 7 was lowest round, and I rested with elbows on my knees in my last five rounds.

John McGrady said...

The closest I got to a ring HSPU was watching Jaime do a few

12 rds. w/ 165
Tabata lowest round was five

Ray said...

did not get to the HSPUs at all as it was pretty crowded at 1630

METCON: 115 Lbs., only 3 reps for time. Started 4th rep at 3:05. Did 4 more sets with my training buddy. Will do better next time as I spent too much time screwing around between drills and I will know what to expect.

Tabata: highest was 8 (1st 2 times), then slowed down to 6, then 5. It got too hard to count during the last minute. Wall balls totally wreck me.

J. O'B said...

WOD #1 - 12 rds with 150#
Tabata Wall Ball - 7

GTH said...

Ring HSPUs, 2 rds x 5 reps. Shannon had to help me get my feet up there, though. I second Jaime's comment about backboards...

METCON: 12 rds. at 135, should have done a higher weight in retrospect.

Scaled Tabata to air squats so I'd still be able to walk (run) tomorrow morning.

Shannon said...

HSPUs on rings, 2 rds. x 4 reps. Needed a spot for the last half of the movement.

METCON: 12 rds. at 65#, definitely will do more weight next time.

Also scaled to Tabata air squats so I can run tomorrow morning.

craigrr said...

12 rds complete @ 175 lbs for FS

9 was low rep for Tabata; 10 sec rest position was compromised

Nick said...

Holy cow.. yikes.. and wow.
Weight on the front squats was 150. Completed all 12 rounds. On the fantastic metcon #2 did 12-12-10-10-7-6-6-6

monroe said...

Thanks to all the trainers that taught the Foundations class today. Really good work by all of you demonstrating and explaining the movements!

Russ said...

from 3/2- 12 rounds @ 135 FS, then lowest score of 6 on the Tabata.

Neil said...

Started the FS at 115, but had to drop it down to 95 after the 6th round because I wasn't really getting a good low squat.

Did all twelve rounds as prescribed otherwise. Good workout.

Tabatas- 10/9/8/8/8/8/9/10