Feb 14, 2010

MONDAY 100215

Turkish Getups
Need to see how to get started, try here, here, here, and here (Jeff Martone video sequence)

For time:
5 Muscle ups, 10 Double unders
4 Muscle ups, 20 D/Us
3 MUs, 30 D/Us
2 MUs, 40 D/Us
1 MU, 50 D/Us

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Phil B said...

opted out due to ankle issues, so did
5 RFT of
10 walking lunges (w/95#), each leg
10 HSPUs

not fun.

J. O'B said...

I could definately feel Saturday's makeup Lynn with my muscle ups.

upty03 said...

7:50 as rx'ed

RW said...

Turkish Get-ups = worked up to 3 x 55lbs (each side)

METCON = 5:20

John McGrady said...

TGUs 3x 35 both sides

metcon- 16:41
lost muscle ups after 7, but I was able to get all the double unders w/o subbing

craigrr said...

shoulder still hurts for ring dips and muscle ups; sub 3:1 HSPU for muscle ups


CR said...

Turkish Get ups: got up to 65# (bar and 20) on the right side. Couldn't quite get it on the left.

METCON: 7:50 as rx'ed

Russ said...

Make up from Thursday
5x5 PC: 135-145-145-150(PR)-150(PR)
METCON in 5:20

10 min rest

Makeup from Friday
Got thru 2 rounds of Lynne before gym closed. 14/13, 8/9....44 reps.
Do-over sometime this week.

Michael said...

TGU up to 35# x 3 ea side

lost MUs after 9
Saw big improvement in DUs and strung together several sets of 10-15