Feb 25, 2010

FRIDAY 100226

Constantly varied....

Joshie - In honor of Army Staff Sergeant Joshua Whitaker, 23, of Long Beach, CA who was killed in Afghanistan May 15th, 2007. Look for another hero WOD next week (aka work on your ring handstand pushups).

"Joshie" modified for our equipment:

3 Rounds for time of:
35# KB Snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L pullups
35# KB Snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L pullups

post time for comment.


craigrr said...

Does anyone have a web site to purchase bands for doing pull-ups?

John McGrady said...

I see many kipping pull-ups tomorrow...

Found this place in KC for bands. I don't think it's the same bands in Harney, but it's bands. http://fitness1st.com/MORE-RESISTANCE-PRODUCTS.html

jeffrey.paine said...

Scaled KB snatches to 20# and was doing knee-high pull-ups by the 2nd round. By the end of the 2nd round, I was doing kipping, knee-high pull-ups. It was a sight to behold.

Time: 35:48.

RW said...

34:22 rxd

did L-pullups on the bar really focused on form.

if you have not done this one before I would try out both the bar and rings for pull-ups. each one has its advantages. I tried out the rings after I had already done the WOD on the bar and think the rings felt better.

J. Bell said...

AS Rx'ed: 19:56 (PR).

Can't say my pull ups had great form, but it was more a function of flexibility.

Phil B said...

as rx'd (w/35# KB): 28:26 (PR)

Phil B said...

Jeremy! Seriously?!? under 20 minutes??

Michael said...

Time: irrelevant...37:11

KB snatches were mostly power snatches, and I spent lots of time trying to figure out a way to do them without killing my forearms. Maybe there is not way and I need to suck it up...?

I alternated between the bar and rings. I think the rings might have been better. I lost my L pullups in my 4th set and went to knees up, then after 3 Ls in set 5 I went to straight pullups for the rest of sets 5 & 6 for the sake of time (so I did the last 39 as regular pullups and was surprisingly strong).

upty03 said...

First time I have ever completed this WOD, so PR...

35:38 as RX'ed...did bar L-pull ups.

Ray said...


Everything was scaled. Started w/ 35# then quickly retreated to 20# (or was it 15#)

Did jumping pullups.

Awful performance, grueling workout. Only reason my time is shorter than most was the massive scaling down.

This drill isolated all my weak areas.

craigrr said...

33:20 as Rx'd

J. O'B said...

Scaled with bent knee pullups (thighs parallel to ground)

Martone has a good KB snatch tutorial on youtube. Just google "martone kettlebell snatch." He explains how to not smash your forearm.

Those KB snatches were really hard on my hands. Wraps with athletic tape are key.

John McGrady said...

By some strange quirk I did pretty well on this.
Pullups were on the bar, palms facing towards me.

Brian said...

Craigrr- you can google "Iron woody bands".
Phil- when will you stop being supprised by J's superhuman strength?

Neil said...

Scaled PU with bands halfway thru the first set, and realized after the fact that I was doing KBS completely wrong, but didn't feel guilty enough To repeat correctly. 25 minutes but that is meaningless.

Good suggestion about using the rings.

George said...

scaled to 20lb KB and did all kipping pullup

Nick said...

21:06 with "n" pullups. killed my left hand ripping off two calluses. Used reverse grip.. palms facing me on the pull ups.. seemed to help.

Craig: I think J OB has a good website to get bands.