Feb 4, 2010

FRIDAY 100205

You're gonna love this one....

"Cindy's aquatic sister"

AMRAP 30 minutes
swim 100m
5 situps
10 pushups
15 air squats

post total rounds to comment


jeffrey.paine said...

I hope everyone enjoyed the last month. . .

8 rounds (+ 25 m) as Rxed.

Phil B said...

great job this month jeff!
10 rounds

RW said...

11 rds

nice variation on a CrossFit favorite. Was pleased with my stamina for 30 min given that I have not trained over 25 min in a long time.

George said...

Still making up earlier workouts this week. Today I did OHS for form.
5 reps: 45, 45, 65, 65, 85, 85
3- 105, 105 (failed at 2)

185 DL


Gary said...

You read my mind. I was hoping for some sort of poolside suckfest.

Great month Jeff. Thanks for the hard work.

Jeff said...

What would be the row sub for this?

Nick said...

Doing this after class. Did yall just knock out the situps and push ups pool side?

C.L. said...

Made up Diane:
- 8:46 as rx'd (PR by 3:18 and at rx'd weight, HSPU = head to floor)

craigrr said...

9 rds (i had 10 seconds remaining)

Michael said...

Always good to have more opportunities to force me into the pool. I am definitely noticing improvements, which is good, but still not a good lap swimmer...

6 rds (+50m) as RX'd

John McGrady said...

9 rds
I'm starting to like swimming again.

CR said...

8 rnds + 50m (20 sec left)

I should have got more but I had a brain lock and stopped at 20min instead of 30. I had BS'd with Gary (aka Aquaman) for about 2min before I realized my mistake and started swimming again.

Thanks Jeff for good WODs this week. I wish I could move my shoulders though.

Nick said...

thanks jeff! btw i like your choice in tshirts as well..haha
8 rds + 50 m

J. Bell said...

Great workout! I was smoked all day!

10 rounds

Later, J

Gary said...

Great workout. I'm always happy to see a pool workout come out of the hopper.
Definitely feeling the shoulder work from the last few days.

13 rounds

Ray said...

5 rounds, then extra 200m after complete.

This was my 2nd week of crossfit, and I was dragging at the end of the 30 min. I hope to have improvement next effort.

C.L. said...

Did CFE workout last night: 1 min sprint ladder
- Sprint 1 min, rest :50, sprint 1 min, rest :40...down to :10 rests and then back up
- 1.7 miles total during work periods

Worked on OHS after that; concentrated on form:
- 65 x 5, 85 x 5, 105 x 5, 110 x 3, 115 x 2
- Feeling more comfortable with them