Jan 5, 2010


Work 4 part Turkist getup sequence, found here . That's clip 1 of 4. Be sure to watch the rest of the sequence. If this is your first time trying the getup, use low weight to avoid injury. We will have KB training in the near future for those interested.


Swim 800m for time.

post time for comment


RW said...

Swim = 15:15

J. O'B said...

Skipped the TGUs.
Swim - 17:10
Great swim, Nick!

jeffrey.paine said...

Did Turkish Get-ups up to 35# KB for each side.

Swim - 18:55. I was like a small dog or maybe a baby camel in the water. . . I swam but i was slow and ugly.

Nick said...

Did TGU to 35# on each side. Swim 17:09. J O'B pushed me so that was good! Worked on getting good push offs from the wall.. seemed to help.

craigrr said...

18:57 swim
TGU 35# each side

C.L. said...

Did CFE WOD from yesterday:
- 1 mile time trial
- Rest 3 minutes
- 3 x 400 at time trial pace (resting 30 secs between each)

Time Trial = 6:33
3 x 400 = 6:31 pace, 6:31 pace, 6:27 pace
- All on treadmill

CR said...

Didn't get to the gym today.

Did 100 x squats in 1:44 then hit the heavy bag for 10min.

Neil said...

Swam 16:35, then swam a second 800 for kicks.

Chris said...

11:58 after Fri, 8 Jan WOD