Jan 18, 2010

TUESDAY 100119

Work on the muscle up progression (feet supported dips/transition, false grip pullups, etc.)
If you have muscle ups, work on stringing together multiple repititions

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of

Post total time for comment.


J. O'B said...

I mounted a screwdriver on the far pullup rig to use for adjusting the jumpropes. Hopefully people will find the jumpropes more useful when shortened - without having to tie knots.

jeffrey.paine said...

Did 4 and then 5 consecutive MUs. Next goal is 10.

METCON: 6:56.

RW said...

Did sets of muscle ups ranging from 5-3. Could only get 3 by the last 2 sets.

METCON = 5:58

I found a great site this weekend that lists the nutritional value of every food you can imagine. It gives you the FDA label info for the food but then gives you a Glycemic load score, anti-inflammatory score, protein score and a bunch of other info. The site is www.nutritiondata.com

George said...

don't have a MU yet, but I was pretty close this morning. I need to work on the rings to get the false grip down to assist in the transition.

METCON: 6:59


Michael said...

Worked muscle ups

METCON: 6:14

craigrr said...

METCON = 5:58 as Rx'd

upty03 said...

Strung my first muscle-ups together today...stringing three was my max.

METCON: 5:36

I think that I have created a CF Monster in Ian Irmischer. He got his first muscle up today after two minutes of instruction, and then he whipped me in the METCON with a 5:27.

J. O'B said...

MU: 2-2-3(PR)-3

METCON = 5:55

C.L. said...

Strung my first muscle-ups together today. Got three and then four. Kipping, keeping my elbows tight, and putting my head through the window really helped me.

MetCon = 6:03 as rx'd (2:10 faster than last time I did this 16 Oct)

Nick said...

Muscle Ups.. so close.. I need to watch more techniques and visualize getting through that window.


John McGrady.. thanks for the MU coaching.. and I was soooo close on the metcon =)

Nick said...

For a funny video (NOT KID FRIENDLY) go to this website....


remember.. not kid friendly.


John McGrady said...

Linked 2 MUs together, but I linked 3 together two weeks ago. My limiting factor is losing the false grip between reps.

5:52 for the METCON.

Wayne L said...

First date with Fran today.

9:30 as Rxd

Gary said...

Worked MU progression.

Burpees are my nemesis.

Brian said...

Still suckin on mu's. 6:42 for 10!.

AnnieD said...