Jan 11, 2010

TUESDAY 100112

the Burgener Warmup
Snatch Balance
Heaving Snatch Balance

AMRAP -15 Minutes of
Row 100m
10 Pull-ups
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Walking Lunges (per leg)

Post rounds completed to comments


jeffrey.paine said...

METCON: 5 rounds plus rowing and 5 pull-ups as Rxed.

RW said...

7 rds

scaled HSPU with blue bands to get full range of motion (head to floor)

Russ said...

55-lbs on the snatch

6 rds + 18 lunges on METCON. Scaled HSPU with blue bands, but did 8-10 each round.

George said...

made some good progress on the snatch drills, felt much better at the end

METCON: 5 rd plus 7pullups, scaled HSPU to just trying to get into a good position and hold then hold for 10sec at the bottom, then hold as long as possible before moving on.


Phil B said...

my first day back in an actual gym with weights, so this week will be my welcome back to lifting...so I did:
DL 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1


probably not the best plan to try 1rep after the other sets, but hey, it was a good time seeing stars.

craigrr said...

8 rds as Rx'd

upty03 said...

Heaving Snatch: 95, 125(f), 95, 105, 115, 125, 125

METCON: 7 rounds + 1 HSPU as RXed.

Brian said...

Made up the 800m swim: 15:27

METCON: 5 RNDS scaled Pullups w/ blue band, and HSPU's w/ bands.

John McGrady said...

Heaving snatches 115, 125f, 115, 115, 125, 125f, 125f, 115, 115, 115

Should you start with the weight on the rack or on the ground?

metcon 6 rds plus 8 pullups. Used bands on HSPUs.

C.L. said...

Did yesterday's WOD

Deadlifts = 295x5, 305x5, 315x5, 320x5 (PR - previous was 295)
- 1RM = 405

METCON = 7:18
- Scaled double unders to 4:1

J. O'B said...

7 rds + row (4 as Rx'd the rest with bands for HSPU)

In addition to snatch balance, worked the butterfly pullup and was able to link 2 at a time before losing the rhythm.

Nick said...

6 rounds plus everything minus the pull ups.. My pull ups have gone to h.e. double hockey sticks since the certification..

Did the pressing, heaving and balance snatches prior

Used the bands for the HSPU

monroe said...

Worked with an individual today, did this:
10 KB swings 55#
20 KB OH Lunges alternating arms at 10
10 wallball
3 rounds for time.

I get a lot of email asking about group WODs. I'm thinking this would be a good practice, once or twice a week. Looking for feedback on days of week and times. I'll throw out Tuesday and Thursday, 0600 and 1600 for starters. Any thoughts? I'm ready to take Tuesday.

Also getting more requests for another Foundations class. With the new class I imagine the demand will rise. I plan to do one 25-28 Jan. If all of you will poll your spouses, friends, buddies, classmates, we will schedule and post regularly scheduled courses. get in touch with Phil or I if you know people who would like to participate. You can write to me here or at mark.e.monroe1@us.army.mil.

Michael said...

This is an alibi on equipment from yesterday. I posted it there, but thought it might be useful to include in today's dialogue as well...

I'm not sure the current status of the new facility in front of Harney, but it strikes me that we ought to bear in mind the equipment that we might need in the new facility.

For example, if it is a bubble-type facility, will there be any walls that we can use for wall ball or HSPU? If not, then maybe we need to think about acquiring some sort of wall structure?

Again, if this is soft sided, will there be any structure from which to suspend ropes? If not, then maybe buying ropes wouldn't be wise unless we can still keep the space in Harney open.

Just some thoughts.

D_E_K said...

A measley 4 rounds. Oh well, getting back into it I guess.

monroe said...

Michael, that's good thinkin'! One solution: mount a target board on the pullup apparatus.

My alibi for the equipment: we need lifting platforms.