Jan 20, 2010


Handstands 4 x 60 seconds
Use the wall as needed, use open space if available, and want the challenge
Kettlebell 200 (55#/35#)
40 American KB swings (overhead - between eyes and frontal plane)
40 KB squats (a cauldron squat, where KB is held with both hands at chest)
20 one-armed swings (left)
20 one-armed swings (right)
40 power swings (use controlled force on down portion of KBS)
40 Russian KB swings (eye level)

Post total time for comment.
Compare to 091006


Brian said...

Scaled to 35#: 9:45

jeffrey.paine said...

Held 3 handstands for 60s after working some balance on the open floor. Then did the 4th one in 2 30s sets.

METCON: 12:22 as Rxed.

J. O'B said...


Previously 17:19 (6OCT09) w/ single arm swings @ 35#

RW said...

Worked handstands on the open floor. Longest was 30s and then 20s. Then held 1 handstand against the wall for 60s.

METCON: 8:37 rxd

Cool down: worked turkish getups. 10 each side at 35lbs.

Phil B said...

tried to work the handstands without wall support, and it was humbling. got some good advice from ryan that helped maintain stability, but still couldn't hold for any longer than 6-7 seconds.

9:27 (1 min improvement over last time).

another motivating episode with the morning crew!

Nick said...

skill...actually got a hs on the wall..worked on forward rolls..big improvement getting thru the mental block
metcon 12:18 did as rxed..4 min improvement..and did all w 55 this time

C.L. said...

MetCon = 12:37 as rx'd

Planning on working handstands this afternoon after CF Endurance.

upty03 said...

Held 4 hand stands for 45-50 seconds...had to get some rest in there. Tried getting away from the wall a little...VERY little.

11:08 metcon (caldron squats were very difficult)

Cooldown: played 3-on-3 hoops afterward and rained jumpers on some folks.

craigrr said...

METCON = 10:03 as Rx'd

Cool down: worked turkish getups. 10 each side at 35lbs.

Michael said...

Hand Stands- tried a few unsupported, but was unsuccessful, so scaled as follows:
- on wall
- broken into 30 sec increments after the 1st one

9:50 (30 sec improvement over Oct)

John McGrady said...

13:03 w/ 35# KB on the single arm swings. I lost some time on the cauldron squats just trying to figure out how to hold it.

C.L. said...

Did Tabata CF Endurance WOD :30 on / :20 off at 12 degree incline at 7:30 pace (.55 miles total) - kicked my butt

Wayne L said...


Previously 13:34 (6 Oct)

scaled one-arm to 35#

Wayne L said...


Previously 13:34 (6 Oct)

scaled one-arm to 35#

Gary said...

Worked on handstands, but still can't quite balance.
KBs as rx'd: 9:45

Nick said...

did the cfe 5,4,3,2,1 5 min on 5 min off and so on. used the c2 rower..1275, 1075, 786, 556, 300 m respectively... i agree with cl ... im whammed