Jan 6, 2010


Apparently, it's gotten pretty cold back in up Kansas. Unfortunately, it's dropped to a whopping 40 degrees here in South Carolina. I know, miserable.

21 -15 -9 reps of
45# Thrusters
100ft farmer carry with 55# KBs (one in each hand, like carrying water to the mules)
ring pushups

enjoy! post time for comment


craigrr said...

0530 morning group (ryan, mike, jamie, jeff): is anyone showing up at 0530? if not, what time? not sure what time they open, last 2-hour delay they were open at regular time

Chris said...

The note from CAC said that only security and maintenance folks were supposed to show at regular time. I swim Thurs mornings and the folks at the pool, who were on time last delay, told the coach they wouldn't be there...not sure if that's truly valid...

C.L. said...

On the Fort Leavenworth website under road status, it says the gyms will open two hours later as well.

Brian said...

So is it 100' between thrusters and ring pushups each time, or 2100, 1500, and 900'?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

yes, 100ft walk is between the reps on the thrusters and the ring pushups...thanks for the clarification brian

jeffrey.paine said...
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jeffrey.paine said...

Rob and morning crew - sounds like the gym won't open until 0700. I will be there at 0700.

jeffrey.paine said...

Back Squats

METCON: 4:39 as Rxed.

upty03 said...

205, 225, 245 back squat

5:09 metcon

C.L. said...

Did WOD before back squats.

MetCon: 4:12 as rx'd
Back squat: 5 x 195, 5 x 215, 3 x 235, 3 x 255 (1RM = 300)

RW said...

Back Sqt = worked form with light weight

METCON - 4:00

Michael said...

Back Squats

METCON: 4:08 as RXed.

Nick said...

Did Front squats instead

Metcon: 5:30

thanks to COL M and J OB for the help on the form... its def a work in progress

J. O'B said...

Front Squad (instead)

METCON - 5:28

Russ said...

WOD - 3:45

Then made up Pullup Smokefest from Tues, scaled to 25lb, then 15lb weight: 39-ish.

CR said...

I have a sore shoulder so worked on max deadlift. Stopped at 300 after which I couldn't keep a good grip on the bar. Finished with 20 double unders and 500 regular jumprope.

craigrr said...

OH Squat
5 - 85#
5 - 105#
3 - 130#
3 - 135#

METCON = 4:00

John McGrady said...

5:34 I have no idea how far 100' is, so I just walked from one side of the gym to the other.

monroe said...

Did a squat progression from Coach Hatch's site.
10 x 135
8 X 155
6 x 185
4x 205
Front squat 3 x 5 #135
Metcon 5:59