Jan 29, 2010


Rest, make up WODs as needed.


Nick said...

Did Crossfit total today from this week with John
BS- 250 (+25)and PR
SP - 135 (+10 from last total and matched PR)
DL-410 (+65 from last total and PR by 5lbs)
total: 795 +100 from last total

Russ said...

Nice gains Nick. I've got to get more consistent like you, eh.

Made up Friday WOD- 14:51.

C.L. said...

Anybody have a good recommendation on a speed rope? I actually like the ones you check out from Harney. Any thoughts?

Michael said...

CL - Depends what you are looking for. I got one of the Buddy Lee Jump Ropes for Xmas (http://www.buddyleejumpropes.com/) and can show it to you sometime if you like.

It is nice if you can guarantee you'll only need to use it on wood or rubberized surfaces and in warmer weather. Cons are that is a little expensive and not particularly durable.

When I say not particularly durable, I mean that I used it outside on a smooth concrete surface at about 35 degrees air temp after Xmas the rope snapped in its first use...When I called the company, they replaced it, but said the rope wasn't designed for rough surfaces and cold weather. The replacement has held strong since, but I haven't used it anywhere other than Harney.

Bottomline- it is great in Harney, but if you want one to deploy with (as I did), this probably isn't the one for you.

Russ said...

Since part of CF Fitness is "learn and play new sports", if anyone is up for pick up basketball/shoot-around, we're meeting with some of our youth players and parents every Sunday at harney gym : 1300-UTC (if it's available)

B-ball drills, or just scrimmage, whatever you're up for.

Short notice for today, I know, but I just remembered to post this on IMCF. If you can make it in future Sundays, come on out!

Russ & Venita Ames

J. O'B said...

For those looking to try new Paleo or Zone recipes, today I discovered that the commissary has almond flour in aisle 4 with the other Bob's Red Mill products.

I've seen a number of recipes that use almond flour or coconut flour in place of wheat flour. The commissary doesn't seem to have coconut flour, however.

George said...

did a nice 4.5 mile run with the family today. By family I mean, my wife and I pushed our daughters in a stroller. 44min, so not too bad.
Does anyone have any suggestions for snacks for class?

Phil B said...

George, try Robb Wolf's page, especially the discussion for military folks (while deployed). The bottom line is that a nut (the plantars nutrition heart health mix at the commissary) mix with dried fruit is generally pretty good (we use currants and golden raisens), along with helping portions of regular fruit. hope it helps