Jan 16, 2010


Enjoy your weekend, make up WODs as needed. There will be a few announcements this weekend regarding upcoming training, so check back in to the site before Monday!


C.L. said...


Made up Filthy Fifty this afternoon.

Time = 32:02
- Scaled double unders to 4:1

I am slowly conquering my nemeses (box jumps, wall balls, and squat cleans). Double unders - You're next!!

CR said...

Ran 5k then 4 x sets of max reps of muscle ups and SDHPs (95lbs)

Got 13 MUs on the first set and 10 on the last.

jeffrey.paine said...

Anyone know what time the gym opens tomorrow (Monday, MLK Training Holiday)? I can't find anything on the MWR website and I don't remember seeing any signs posted in the gym.

For the usual morning crew, assuming the gym is open, I was planning on going at 0800. Anyone in?

craigrr said...

I can't make it until the afternoon; we have family morning plans