Jan 31, 2010

MONDAY 100201

Front squat (85% 1RM)

Tabata Goin' Nowhere, 8 rounds of 20seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest of the following exercises:

Handstand against the wall (only heels touch the wall)
Hollow Rock (lay down on your back, lift feet and head/shoulders 4-6 inches)
Bottom of air squat (maintain good body position)
Plank position (arms extended in pushup position, front leaning rest)

Breaking the static position constitutes a fault. Each fault earns a 3 burpee penalty, done at the end of the intervals.

For variety, you may try your intervals in sequence. For example, you do 20s of handstand position, 10s rest, then 20 sec of hollow rock, 10 sec rest, 20s bottom of air squat...etc...for 8 rounds. Or, just do the normal way, all 8 rounds/exercise before moving to the next exercise.

Post faults (if done) and burpees for comment.


Brian said...

145/ no faults or burpees

Russ said...

180; 6 faults all on handstand sets 5-10.

18 burpees completed.

jeffrey.paine said...

Front Squat - 185, 175, 185, 185, 205
4 faults (2 on handstands, 1 on hollow rocks, and one on squats)
12 Burpees completed.

RW said...

5-5-3-3-1 Front Squat

2 faults on Tabata WOD (handstands)

CR said...

135 for all Front Squats

3 faults on HS

added 2m run

Michael said...


3 faults = 9 burpees
2 were on handstands - mostly b/c I had balance troubles getting up on the wall
1 on hollow rocks b/c I moved my legs to try to keep my back on the ground

C.L. said...

Front squat = 5x155, 5x160, 5x175, 3x180, 1x200. Never really had a FS 1RM, so I'll call this a personal record. Felt like I could have done more.

Tabata WOD: No faults as rx'd. Did the alternative method of going through every exercise for 8 rounds. I would recommend doing 8 straight sets of each exercise to get maximum effect. I felt like each body part got too much rest as I alternated between exercises.

craigrr said...

Front Squat = 205, 205, 215, 215, 225
METCON as Rx'd

upty03 said...

FS--5x205, 5x225, 3x240, 3x250, tweaked upper back, and did not attempt 1RM

No faults on Tabata going nowhere.

Wayne L said...

Front Squat


18 Burpees - 6 faults, all on rounds 3-8 of handstands

jeffrey.paine said...

Upty - stop hurting yourself.

John McGrady said...

135, 135, 155, 175, 195
Probably could have done more weight.

I also used the alternative method for the tabata, and agree. Doing the exercises straight through would be more taxing.

Phil B said...

205 on the front squats, used the 5-5-3-3-1 format.

one fault on the tabata (handstands)

J. O'B said...

My knee is bothering me so this week I'm going to recycle some old WODs to let it rest.

30 Muscle-ups - 11:58
My lats are already sore.

Gary said...

3 faults on getting up to handstand

J. Bell said...

WOD: 1 fault (3 Burpees)-- loss of balance on handstands.

Strength: 5=185, 5=165, 3=185, 3=185, 1=205, 1=205 (not satisfied with 1st one's form)

Cardio (as if the other stuff wasn't enough): 5000 m row at 20:32 (2:03 avg pace.

Long day, but felt good.

Nick said...

Wow.. where to start..
My FS sucked today..
135-155-175-185-195 (5-5-3-3-1)
then I moved right into something else which I SUCK at.. and thats Handstands.. I would have had like avogadros number of faults on this one.. so insteady I did.
15# pistons
hollow rock
air squat bottom
ring planks..
Still had 5 faults on the pistons (did not/failed to keep arms up during rest period) and as such, did my 15 burpees and left the gym with my tail between my legs

C.L. said...

Did CFE interval workout this afternoon
- 4 x 5 min intervals with 3 min rest in between
- 2.97 miles total during work effort