Jan 24, 2010

MONDAY 100125

Max reps dead hang pullups (no kipping)


5 Rounds for time of:

20 ball slams with dynomax ball (that's right, it doesn't bounce) (20#/14#)
60ft Standing broad jumps (roughly the distance between the closest edges of the pullup racks)

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Russ said...

Strict pullups: 19
METCON: 7:53

throat burning...like IOCT....someone check that place for asbestos

jeffrey.paine said...

21 kipping pull-ups (pre-METCON)
11 strict pull-ups (post-METCON)
METCON - 9:18 - I had good distance on the broad jumps, but it probably took me a little too long to reset for the next one.

Nick said...

16 strict pu, metcon 7:11

Michael said...

strict pullups- 19
METCON- 6:19

Wayne L said...

6 strict pull-ups, sucks without being able to kip


John McGrady said...

15 pullups
Slamball is favorable to short people.

craigrr said...

26 pull ups (straight hang)

METCON = 8:39

J. O'B said...

Strict pullups: 16 (PR by 1)
METCON: 7:34

Also PR with a set of 4 linked muscle ups.

Gary said...

16 strict pull ups
6:57 Metcon

Devo said...

strict pullups- 15
METCON- 7:00

D_E_K said...

First day coming off an ass-kicking cold so I cut it to 4 rounds, which was quite miserable enough, thank you.


7 pull ups with blue band. Need to work harder on them.