Jan 17, 2010

Monday 100118


21-15-9 reps of
Thrusters (95#/65#)

Post time for comment.
Compare to 090819.

In case you haven't seen the entire MLK "I have a dream speech", it's here. It remains incredibly motivating and timeless.


jeffrey.paine said...

Anyone know what time the gym opens tomorrow (Monday, MLK Training Holiday)? I can't find anything on the MWR website and I don't remember seeing any signs posted in the gym.

For the usual morning crew, assuming the gym is open, I was planning on going at 0800. Anyone in?

RW said...

Gym opens at 0800. I cannot make 0800 - planning on going in the afternoon.

craigrr said...

I can't make it until the afternoon; we have family morning plans

jeffrey.paine said...

7:36 w/ 75# thrusters. PR at that weight.

J. O'B said...

I did a Fran over the holidays so I gave myself a diagnostic PT test just to see what has happened since my mid-OCT record APFT.
Pushups - 77
Situps - 90
Run - 14:59
Max strict pullups (out of curiosity) - 15

I improved on PU and SU but was slower on the run by 24 sec. Some of that slower time was from the hills on the route and not having 1/4 mi splits like I would have on the track.

My run time goal is sub 14 which I will now look on a sport specific goal that will require some additional sport specific training. I don't think it'll take much though since I finished the run with plenty left in the tank. It was kind of like I forgot how to run 2 miles.

Crossfit is great for general fitness. My overall fitness has improved greatly but to reach my run goal I have learned that I will have to add additional training (perhaps 2 days/wk of CFE). This may not be true for others. As they say, your results may vary.

Nick said...

heading in now.. we need to talk about that PT test we took in the fall. I feel that the run time was off for some reason or anther.. however, I have already decided to do CFE 2 or 3 times a week as well

George said...

as RX 11:11
the first round hurt more than normal, 30 sec improvement though. Still trying for under 10.

jeffrey.paine said...

George - one thing I learned from the Level I cert is about maintaining intensity. I have decided to keep my Fran at 75# until I break 5 minutes. Then I will move up to 95#. Doing it as prescribed is great, unless you are staring at the bar for half of the WOD. The intensity (power) is what will lead to improvements.

As such, did a prescribed Fran during the Level I cert in November, and finished right at 10 minutes. Today, did the 75# scaled version, and finished 2:24 faster. While my work went down (because of a lower weight), my power went up. I think this is a good direction to go.

Just my 2 cents.

Nick said...

8:53 as rx'ed. At the last level 1 cert I tried the rx'ed weight and at 10 min I was halfway through my pull ups on the second round. I used advice from COL M and others and did 7, 7, 7 first round. then 5,5,5 second round, then 3, 3,3 on the thrid. I limited my rest to short periods (on the cert i was spent because I tried to do 21 straight) I feel that I was able to keep my intensity up and finished with a PR by a long shot. I agree with Jeff, however, I probably could have kept my intensity at a higher level with 75# b/c I would have had less short rest periods. However, I hadnt broken that 10 min barrier and it was staring me in the face, taunting me like a bully, like Scut Farcus from "a Christmas Story".. ok, I digress.

I waited about 10 min then did the CFE workout of 8 sets of 20 sec on 10 sec rest all out on the C2. Got a total of 915 m.

JOB.. i have your magnetic board..

Phil B said...

as rx'd. 4:29 (PR)

I really enjoyed the "IOCT cough" for the next couple of hours. Thank you Harney!

D_E_K said...

Fran, sweet Fran!

9:05 which is a higher time from my cert time, but I did 55# instead of 45, and used the blue band the whole time instead of jumping pull-ups. Si while time is longer wieght is higher and I'm going to call it improvement. Mostly broke it into sets of about 5.

My fingers were tingly at the end. Is this normal?

RW said...

4:40 rxd

30 sec off my PR, not sure where I lost time today.

Broke sets into

21-21 / 10,5 - 7,4,4 / 9 - 5,4

John McGrady said...

8:20 PR by 13 seconds.
Thanks to Ryan for the encouragement.

CR said...

I did Fran 2 weeks ago so swam 500m and then worked on cleans.

I need to run 3 times a week to keep my PT time where I want it.

J. O'B,

if you haven't already done so check out the articles on the Pose running method in the Crossfit journal. I consider myself a pretty decent runner, but the tips in the Pose articles have helped me improve my stamina and speed more than I expected.

Brian said...

Scaled to 75# for intensity. 8:55

Gary said...

9:33 as rx'd
Jeff, I like your idea about scaling this one. I think I could have kept my intensity up a lot higher had I dropped the wt to 75# and did intervals on the pull ups

upty03 said...

Made up on 20 JAN...