Jan 10, 2010

MONDAY 100110

5-5-5-5 @ 75-85% 1Rm


3 Rounds For Time of:
10 x burpee wallballs (20lbs)*
10 x kettlebell swings (55lbs)
10 x double-unders
10 x squats

Post weight of deadlifts and time for the METCON to comments.

*To perform a burpee wallball, start with a medball in the hang position. Drop to the floor with the ball, kicking your feet into the plank position, and do a push-up on the ball. Then jump you feet back to the ball. Clean and press the ball, throwing it overhead to a 10 ft target. Repeat.

What equipment do we still need for our functional fitness gym? There might be some money coming our way for a wish list. Post ideas for new equipment to comments.


Nick said...

More 70# KBs

jeffrey.paine said...

1. Jump ropes that don't look like I made them from an old jar of nuts and bolts and some left over clothesline.
2. More Rowers.
3. Climbing Ropes.
4. Either dumbbells or suspension belts for weighted pull-ups.

jeffrey.paine said...

275, 295, 295, 295
METCON: 7:35 as Rxed.

J. O'B said...

DL - 265,265,265,265
METCON - 6:53

Has anyone seen our 2 new rowers? Dave Maxwell posted over the holidays that they were being shipped to Lewis and Clark direct from C2.

Russ said...

Dl 275 x 5
METCON: 10:17

Nick said...

305, 295, 295, 305.
Thanks to John and Ryan for the good coaching techniques

Metcon - 8:36
Had issues with double unders, Have only been able to get one at a time, however, today was able to link a double under with a single than another double

Brian said...

DL: 275#
MC: 9:22 w/ substitution
I don't have Medball or heavy KB at home, so I did Burpee KB swings w/25# KB, and did 55# Dumbell swings for KBS.

My recommended equipment was going to look a lot like Jeffrey's. I am frequently suprised by the lack of climbing rope at an Army post.

Michael said...

275, 295, 295, 295
7:26 (substituted singles for double unders at 4:1)

Concur on Jeff's suggestions for additional equipment
- more rowers, dumbbells, climbing ropes, and jump ropes

CR said...

Agree we need climbing ropes and some different jump ropes.

If we have space in the new gym a couple of tractor/5-ton tires and sledge hammers would be nice.

Chris said...

DL: 225 across

7:50 METCON w/ 3:1 single jump ropes

D_E_K said...

Back in the Crossfit after almost 2.5 weeks off due to knees and then back. Was short time so only did metcon. 11:11 used 10lb and ball and 20lb kettlebell so as to ease back into things and not reinjure.

Equip suggestions:
Rope is great idea
1-2 more rowers
one 25lb kettlebell for beginners (20lb is too light, 35 lb is too heavy)

What does one do with a sledgehammer?

upty03 said...

DL--300 straight across (should have done a little more.)


Climbing ropes, dumbells (for weighted pull-ups, dips, etc.)

RW said...

DL - 315,315,315,315

METCON = 6:04

George said...

I did a 5x5 deadlift over Christmas so I went for a 1RM today. Got up to 365, a modest 10lb increase about 2 months since I last did a 1RM.

Metcon was 9:28 RX with a ton of extra singles on the jump rope trying to get a rhythm. it just took me awhile. I spent 10 minutes afterwards practicing DU and was finally able to string together 12. I have the welts on my arms and legs to provce it.

For equipment I agree with everyone else on ropes, rowers tire/sledges.

1) they have a bar tool that you can use to prop a bar up off the ground with a level to get your weights about 2 in off the ground when setting up for any lift that starts on the ground. it would be nice, but not really needed.
2) a storage rack for the jump rope to sort them out by size, again not really needed, but nice to have
3) a couple 12-18in boxes for beginners or injury recovery


craigrr said...

DL = 315, 315, 315

METCON = 6:44

1. Having a few stationary bikes would be helpful as a sub for running and rowing. I've needed a bike due to rehab on my ankle and I miss the one we had at Gruber.
2. Storage for personal gear (jacket, gloves, keys, wallet, etc.). The same concept my kindergarden son uses at schoo. They could be a milk crate size stacked on top of eachother.
3. Athletic tape to wrap the pull up bars. It would wear out ocassionally and so a small supply over time would be needed to replace it.

CR said...

D_E_K, what I have seen most often with the sledge is simply hitting a tractor tire with it. Really works the forearms.

DLs at 245, then 100 x box jumps and 50 DUs.

Time was UNK due to operator error with the stopwatch.

John McGrady said...

DL's 225 across. 6:59 METCON. Subbed 4:1 for the DUs.

Agree on climbing ropes, tape, rack for jump ropes. Something to secure the pullup racks to the floor.

Michael said...

One other comment on equipment. I'm not sure the current status of the new facility in front of Harney, but it strikes me that we ought to bear in mind the equipment that we might need in the new facility.

For example, if it is a bubble-type facility, will there be any walls that we can use for wall ball or HSPU? If not, then maybe we need to think about acquiring some sort of wall structure?

Again, if this is soft sided, will there be any structure from which to suspend ropes? If not, then maybe buying ropes wouldn't be wise unless we can still keep the space in Harney open.

Just some thoughts.