Jan 8, 2010


Enjoy your weekend. If you need to make up a WOD, try "build a snowcave for time".


Brian said...

James and I started ours on Friday. Watch coverred by gloves.

Nick said...

Went to Gruber to run this morning.. however all the machines were taken.. so I decided to work up to 1 RM on Deads. Last crossfit total I did 345.. almost 365. Today I got 405 and alomost got 415! Then did 8 200 m sprnts on the treadmill with jogs in between

Brian said...

I made up KING as Rx'd: 10:12

Also did QUEEN scaled to 95# pwr cleans: 9:51

Russ said...

Nick, you're a machine. 400 lbs??!!

I made up Friday's WOD. 14:57 scaled to 115.

biceps still crushed from the Pullup fest.