Jan 28, 2010

FRIDAY 100129

L-Sits 10 x 10s holds
You can perform the L-sits on the parallettes (sp?) or if you're really motivated, on the rings.
In order to scale, simply bring both knees in towards your chest, or alternate one knee in with one leg extended forward.

5 RFT of
21 SDHP (95#/65#)
21 Ring dips
Post total time to comment.

Compare to 091201.


Phil B said...

Didn't have time for the L sits, Dave and I worked on the SDHP prior to the wod. Will make up this weekend.


i really appreciate the "ioct lung effect" in harney. ahhh the memories...

RW said...

14:30 rxd

worked L-sit after the WOD, reverse tabata, 10 rds 10 sec work 20 secs rest.

George said...

13:26 w/ 65# and used a blue band on the ring dips
did the L sits afterward

craigrr said...

13:31 as Rx'd

L-sit ups, reverse tabata, 10 rds

J. Bell said...

Greetings from Colorado(By the way Cross Fit at altitude sucks!!). I felt that since Phil started posting again that I would too.

Warm Up (not so much) 5 x 500m row (work = rest):
1=1:41, 2=1:52, 3=1:56, 4=153, 5=1:49

WOD (as rx'd & not so much fun after rowing)= 13:46

L Sits (10 x 10s, 10s rest)

Take care... J

John McGrady said...

15:53- 8 second improvement and no scaling this time.

reverse tabata L-sits

Nick said...

As rx'ed 12:39. This was three min faster than my last time. However, I was smoked on ring dips and as such feel that I may not have done as well on form.. so Im taking this time with a little bit of salt.
then did the 10x10 lsits which turned into sort of a one legged lsit figure four fall over for me.

D_E_K said...

14:48 55# SDHP and my version of ring dips.

John McGrady said...

Damn Nick!

upty03 said...

Wow...pretty sick times...good work. 15:27 as rx'ed...I know that it is the slowest time on the board, but i am real happy with it since it is over 6.5 minutes faster than 1 DEC 09.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Welcome back Jeremy!!! We all miss you, especially in our new digs. Glad to see you're keeping the fire burning out in CO!

C.L. said...

Worked L sits before and after WOD. Almost can work it into a handstand.

MetCon: 14:07 as rx'd

Gary said...

Scaled ring dips to ring push ups after first round.