Jan 7, 2010

FRIDAY 100108


5 RFT of:

10 x 135# power cleans
25 pushups

post time for comment. enjoy your frozen tundra.


C.L. said...

Is there any difference between a power clean and a squat clean? I couldn't find any in the videos.

RW said...

C.L. -
With a squat clean you catch the weight in the bottom of the front squat. With a power clean you can catch the weight as high as you want as long as you get it into the front rack.

J. O'B said...

Alot of issues with my clean. Thanks to Nick and Stewart for the coaching. I need to simplify and work on one thing at a time. Too much thinking killed me.

jeffrey.paine said...

14:02 as Rxed.

RW said...

cleans @ 155lbs
Push-ups = chest to floor

Nick said...

9:36 as rx'ed.. Need to work on the push-ups. First few sets were good, however the last two were a struggle. Also on the power cleans, it really helped to get into a rhythm.

Michael said...

14:28 as RX'd
pushups chest to floor

craigrr said...

11:22 w/cleans @155lbs

upty03 said...

11:47 as RXed

For those of you who added weight, shame on you. May you be extra sore this weekend.

Chris said...

19:10 as Rx'd

followed w/ Swim from Weds: 11:58...that was stupid

C.L. said...

11:46 as rx'd

Surprise, surprise - the push-ups got agonizingly hard from the 3rd round on. I'm much more of a fan of power cleans than squat cleans.

John McGrady said...

11:59 rx'd. CL- I'm a fan of the power clean too.

CR said...

still have a sore shoulder so did alt WOD.

100 med ball cleans
100 situps
10 sprints (between the pullup bars)

Time of 11:27

George said...

11:52 with 115lbs

need to work on my form a lot. I could defenitly feel it afte round 2.