Dec 28, 2009

TUESDAY 091229


4 rounds for time of:

17 burpee pullups (do a burpee, and at the top of the jump, where you would normally clap, do a pullup)
75 air squats

enjoy! post time for comment


J. O'B said...

Ouch! 24:40

Nick said...

Not a fun one to come back to. Did it at lifetime fitness where there was a sign asking for no loud noises or excessive sweating! ha! oh well, any form of burpees suck.. nuff said on that 23:25 as rx'ed

Jeff said...

21:19 as RX'd

Did 10 min on the rower to finish

RW said...

Did the 100 kettlebell squats from last week

5:01 as rxd

Brian said...

Love, yes, another exercise to love. A new favorite. Not.


C.L. said...

Late entry: Did CFE run WOD. SC: 1.5 miles at 90% tempo = 11:47.

I'm looking into incorporating this into my training. Anyone else doing it?

craigrr said...

18:46 as Rx'd