Dec 21, 2009

TUESDAY 091222

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups

Post total rounds for comment.


craigrr said...

20rds + 1 squat
(straight pull-ups/no kip)

C.L. said...

I wanted to get some thoughts on nutrition. Looking at my diet, I normally follow one that's fairly close to Zone dimensions, at least macronutrient breakdown-wise (40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat). Mine may even tend to lean a little towards 40% carb, 40% protein, and 20% fat. However, I normally eat in larger proportions throughout the day (7-8 meals instead of the 5 recommended by the Zone), usually basing it on 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

I've been doing a little research about both the Zone and paleo, and apparently this is a contentious subject right now in the CrossFit community. I am planning on trying the Zone approach while following its parameters / quantities more strictly and working towards eating items from the favorable carb selections while limiting grain products.

Anyone have any other thoughts / recommendations?

Brian said...

Cindy: 14

CF says don't take advice from the fat guy, but I am the one who is 15# less than last year at this time, and still shrinking:

I learned about zone before paleo, and when I started that, I had the most dramatic improvement in weight loss. I am strict with weighing and measuring for Br & Lu M-F, and approximate dinner. I recognize I would have even better results if I kept it up through the weekends.

I learned more about Paleo at the nutrition cert. I continued to improve the quality of food, but I am not hard over on the paleo. It makes sense to me, but I am comfortable with the progress I am making.

Michael said...

Rob, you're an animal with straight pullups...

I did 20 rds of Cindy + 2 squats, but was kipping the whole time!

CL, you're way beyond me! I guess I ought to get into this someday!

Merry Christmas to all.

jeffrey.paine said...

17 rounds as Rxed.

CL - on nutrition, I guess it really depends on what you want your lifestyle to be like. I want to be healthy, but I like to eat, too. Add the crazy military lifestyle on top of that and sometimes it is hard to adhere to a very strict eating regimen (I hate the word diet).

Kim and I are about 80% on the Zone. We have tailored our eating during the week to be good and balanced. The weekends we still try to eat right, but cheat a little. I feel like the Zone offers us the flexibility to be able to live our lives without being tied down by a scale and guilt. While it certainly would improve my fitness and performance, I think the paleo would be too restrictive for me. Part of my quality and enjoyment of life is based on the fact that I like beer and ice cream (although never together) and want to continue eating them in moderate amounts.

Kim and I have gotten great results with the Zone. In the first 3 months, I lost 7 pounds. I have since gained 4 back, but it is in muscle and not fat. My labs, as proven by my recent APFRI, are great and I feel great. I have no guilt because if I decide to have a beer or ice cream, I can balance it out. If I really fall off the wagon and have a whole chocolate cake to myself, well, I just try harder on the next meal. Not that either of these happen very often, but they do happen. I think the balance, not just of protein-carbs-fats, but also in enjoying things is important.

Stepping off soap box now.

J. O'B said...

17 2/3 or maybe 16 2/3 - My brain don't think so good!

Interesting discussion on nutrition. I have nothing first hand to add as I am still feeling my way around and haven't adopted an approach yet. It does seem to me from watching some of the stuff on the CF Journal that the real studs out there are following a combined Zone-Paleo diet that is primarily Zone. Pat Sherwood's "Zone Chronicles" were interesting. He's serious about nutrition but not a Nazi. He has a strict routine for at home and a different one for when he's on the road. He also has full on cheat nights every week or so.

Max said...


Here is a few thoughts....

The Zone's unit of measure, the block, is just that, a unit of measure. What the Zone really does is provide you a mechanism to make what you eat, "observable, recordable, repeatable," just like your WODs. If you have a good work out, you can look at what you ate the 2-3 meals prior and see the effect of a balanced 4-block meal, a 4-block meal with 3x fat, etc. Keeping a "food log" is key.

I would ignore all the stuff between Glassman and Wolf. It is counter-productive to your fitness goals. Good food is good good fuel, crappy food is crappy fuel, even if is weighed and measured. Low glycemic carbs are better than high glycemic carbs - bottomline. Pasta and bread and white potatoes cause your hormones to be out of wack and a much bigger storage response than brocoli and sweet potatoes.

In my experience with it all, the higher quality food you eat and the higher the consistency, the lees important weighing and measuring becomes. If you are going to order Chinese food one night a week and enjoy a few beers every now and then, you make pancakes on Saturday morning for the kids, well, you need to weigh and measure the rest of the food you eat the rest of the week if you have specific fitness goals.

Food is like a drug. It causes different chemicals to be released into your body, chemicals that hit your brain. But don't be afraid, if you have a bad meal, or eat the entire package of sticky buns your uncle sent you for Christmas (which have 90g of CHO for EACH bun - yeah, 10B of CHO each one!) well its all good, because balancing things out is some deli turkey, an apple, some carrot sticks, and 12 walnuts away.

I would recommend reading the book "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and the "Paleo Diet for Athletes." Both are good. GCBC is fantastic. Also, Robb Wolf has "42 ways to skin the zone" on his website, it is a good read, as he breaks down different applications of the zone based on your fitness goals.

Hope this helps.

Phil B said...

mary, as rx'd with ring pullups.
7 2/3 rounds (10/15 reps). i have to admit i've never done "mary"before, thought i'd give it a try to remain constantly varied. it was awful. amazingly, the HSPU's were the easiest part. the ring pullups killed.

CL, great question and i think jeff really captured the cgsc answer of "it depends". personally, i don't think my personality gels well with the precision required for the zone, so i am considering paleo for the new year, just to try it out. although, i think it will be difficult because i typically get my morning protein from cottage cheese (verboten in paleo) as an alternate to eggs. i've been wanting to start a food log just to keep accurate tabs on what i really eat, therefore offering some basis for how i feel during the day, workouts, etc. i think it's a great idea however, to keep tabs on what you're doing and share them for the audience, and i hope to do the same. nutrition, the element of fitness at the root all our body functions, is sadly the one i have the least discipline maintaining.

C.L. said...

First, thanks for all of the thoughts on nutrition. I hoped it would generate some good discussion. And I'm always open to new thoughts about a better way to do things.

Second, did Cindy. 18 rds + 5 pull-ups and 9 push-ups. Who knew the basics could be soooo hard? Much more painful than I had hoped.

J. O'B said...

Forgot to add "Cindy" to my comments.

Max said...

I did CFR's posted WOD, which was 21-18-...-6-3 of
75# THRs

It was quite good.....28:31

Also, I took the last two weeks off from CF. I did some stretching and the WU from the KB cert a few times, but no WODs. I'll tell you, after yesterday and today, I felt like a million bucks. Recommend it, all the little dings healed up.

B_A said...

"Cindy" as RXed, 16 rnds

Nick said...

Made up cindy today. Did it in my basement using one of the I beams as the pull up bar.. Only got 12 2/3 rounds, however, the pullups def were slower.