Dec 14, 2009

TUESDAY 091215


3 rounds for time of:

95# squat cleans, 30 reps
20 pullups
800m row or run

post total time for comment.


upty03 said...

Phil Brown...I would say eff you, but that would be inappropriate.

Russ said...

Badger? We don' need no stinking Badger.

...someone had to say it.

Phil B said...

hahahaha...upty, i welcome inappropriateness! and this is the "trimmed down" badger. the original calls for five rounds. not so fun. russ, you should recognize this one, we did it a few months back i think. I know jeremy and I did it.

RW said...

26:30 rxd

jeffrey.paine said...

Phil - thank you for this wonderful opportunity to excel this morning. I so enjoyed it. (voice in my head: let's see if Phil appreciates sarcasm as much as he says he appreciates inappropriatenes)

Scaled the Squat Cleans to 75#. It sill hurt.

Time: 34:03

Michael said...

34:54 as RX'd

Contemplated scaling the squat cleans, but stuck it out even though it was slow and painful. In the end, I am glad that I stuck with it.

Brian said...

I must remember its called a hero workout for a reason. I did 1st rnd as Rx'd (run), but that wasted me for subsequent rounds. Scaled #2 to 65# and blue band, and #3 to 45# and blue band. 38:44

In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq 11 December 2007.

J. O'B said...

I bonked hard on this one.
42:00 w/ 75# squat cleans.

Nick said...

34 flat
scaled squat cleans to 75#, ran outside, doubling the 400 m run route.

Wayne L said...


scaled squat clean to 75#, did 800m Row

John McGrady said...

Used the row machine.
Should have scaled the squat cleans, form was really bad at the end.

Gary said...

Scaled to 75# on squatcleans and happy about that decision.
five rounds would have been awful.

Jorge R. said...

34:35 of agonizing, but delicious Squat Clean pleasure...As rxd I may add, with rowing and a slightly modified pull-up that I do to save my sore left lower bicep/forearm tendon.

I almost felt like going for the other two rounds to make it a nice FIVE, but that would have taken another 20 minutes or so. Besides Wayne did not like that idea!

Great work-out;I definitely embraced the suck on this one. Here's to Badger:

"Strength and Honor"

craigrr said...

3 weighted PU
5 straight PU
7 kipping PU
10 rounds