Dec 23, 2009


for time,
10 pullups
20 KBS (55#KB)
30 box jumps (20")
40 pushups
50 situps
60 burpees
10 pullups

post total time for comment.


Brian said...

Only sub was 25# KB, 'cause thats all I have at home.

I wish you all a very Merry and blessed Christmas. It is good to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

jeffrey.paine said...

12:18 as Rxed.

Phil - you were a little obvious with the 60 burpees. See if you can disguise them in the workout a little better next time. ;-)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

J. O'B said...

12:27 - After 10 boxjumps, I started stepping off instead of hopping off.

The Crossfit Santa must have thought that I was a naughty boy this year b/c that burpee segment was a straight up lump of coal.

Jeff - Thanks for posting your time to the white board. I wouldn't have broke 12:30 without your time as a goal.

Merry Christmas!

craigrr said...

10:14 as Rxd

C.L. said...

12:46 as rx'd

After the cauldron yesterday and burpees today...ouch. My staircase has suddenly become much longer.

RW said...

I did today's WOD on Tuesday -
as rxd 11:02 with 24in box.

Today -

30 x BW Bench
10 x 40yds sprints (rest 15 sec b/t efforts)
30 x BW bench

time = 18min appox (I had to wait for the bench second go around)

Jeff said...


Avenger6 said...

Knocked this one out this morning.
Subbed 45lb plate swing for the KB
and the box at the gym was probably only 16 or 18in.


Nick said...

The Y in Fishers.. while being nice.. is definetly not suited for crossfit.. this being said, as rx'ed in 15:02. Little slow due to craptastic pull up bar and a 55 dumbell which went missing right at the worst time. Also, my bros first crossfit workout as well. Death by burpees must run in the family as they snuck up and kicked him in the booty as well