Dec 27, 2009

MONDAY 091228

Tabata something else...

20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest rotated between the following exercises (8 sets of work total for each exercise):

clapping pushups
SDHP with 55# KB
box jump with 20" box
Double unders.

So you will do 20 seconds of work with clapping pushups, rotate to the SDHP during the 10 seconds of rest, then execute 20 s of work at the SDHP. Basically, you are not completing all Tabata's for one exercise before you move on to the next.

Post total reps by round/exercise for comment.


J. O'B said...

Five months ago when I did the foundations class, I couldn't get 2ring dips. Today I got my first Muscle Up!

Thank you to Ryan, Mike and Mr. Monroe for the MU coaching.

Tabata WOD: 60+38+42+42+30+35+37+40 = 324 total

J. O'B said...

I accidently did KBS instead of SDHP for the first 2 rds. Doh!

Max said...

Had to avoid PsUs due to wrist, and the car was in the garage so no DUs


7 PU
10 SDLHP @75#
12 BJs @20"

9 rounds + 7 PU and 8 SDLHP

Pretty good WOD

C.L. said...

Did 3 mile run at lunch = 23:13

Did Tabata this evening = 44, 47, 44, 43, 41, 41, 41, 42
- Scaled double unders to 3:1 singles after only getting 5 in the first round (looks like double unders will start being part of the warm-up)

Brian said...

35-30-33-30-25-27-29-27 for 236 tot

Santa brought some new weights that allowed me to more closely simulate a 55# KB, and Dave will be happy to know there was an Operation Phoenix shirt under the tree.

Failure to do consecutive double unders hurt the score big time. Like C.L., I need to add to my WU routine.

CR said...

did SDHP with bar instead of KB

Last round #s: 17,15,11 and 12

The PUs were harded than I thought they would be.

RW said...

subbed wall ball for box jump

did not keep track of reps, but probably in the 40s each round.
20 DU, 12 SDHP, 6 WB, 5/6 CPU