Dec 20, 2009

MONDAY 091221

Run 5k

Post time for comments.

Thank you to all who may be able to help out during the equipment movement/dropoff. Congratulations Jeff and Kim!


T said...

To dispel any rumors, that's Happy Anniversary, Kim & Jeff!

RW said...

I am going to run later in the week when I can't get to a gym.


Deadlift (275)
Pull-ups (chest to bar)

time = 23:02

Chris said...

21:12 - significant improvement over last time probably b/c I wasn't waiting for the dog to pee every 30 steps...

J. O'B said...

Crossfit Total today. Saving 5k for later.

BS: 235# PR
SP: 145# PR
DL: 315# PR

I increased 20# on BS and SP and 30# on DL compared to CFT on 28SEP09. Also got very very close on MU during warmup.

So I PR'd everything but my workout partner will have to take my word for it since he slept in this morning!

Brian said...

A great day for a run, but I opted to makeup KILO from Thur.

debsphotographs said...

would love to find someone to do 9 AM crossfit with. i have never done before but wanting to start daily in 2010. hoping to find someone. thanks, deb

craigrr said...

Tabata, stationary bike
4 rds: 1.1,1.1,1.1,1.1 (mi)
2 min = .5mi

Michael said...

Ditto Ryan on saving the run for later.

Deadlift (275) - scaled to 250 after 1st 10
Pull-ups (chest to bar)

time = 27:59

D_E_K said...

Ran a very slow 5K in the morning before heading out to the East Coast (Or I would have been there to help move equip)

Why did I have to live at the bottom of a hill??