Dec 24, 2009


Rest. Enjoy the time with your family!


Brian said...

Shovel driveway for time.

C.L. said...

For time, 21 - 15 - 9 reps of:
- Chimney climbs
- Deadlifts (7.5 feet Christmas tree with ornaments)
- Med ball cleans (Santa's bag of gifts)

Post time and cookies ate to comments

Merry Christmas

jeffrey.paine said...

Driveway? I cannot even get my back door open to get to the snow shovel to shovel the stairs to get to the alley to clear off the truck that is covered in 6 inches of snow IN THE CARPORT. Good thing I am not going anywhere today. That being said, the decision to do steak and shrimp on the grill for Christmas dinner is now in question. . .

J. O'B said...

Driveway WOD complete. Forgot to start my watch though. Started with plow type shovel then had to scale with traditional flat shovel. Snow was so deep that I had to remove it in blocks (using a good deadlift form of course).

Jeff said...

WOD as RX'd
Finished with pulling 35# and 45# little ones up and down street on sleds.

Phil B said...

Merry Christmas! and I thought I'd be the only one guys rock. glad to hear we did NOT get any snow like that here in Alabama.

based on what i had available at my sister's hizzouse...
did 5 RFT of
5 x L pullups on the rings
10 clapping pushups
15 squats holding 60# bag of sand


Max said...

I ate those sticky pecan rolls this morning...yeah, let me tell head was spinning! You never know kind of affect that crappy food has on you until you eat it again getting "clean." I swear it felt like I was on crack.

Driveway for time, but I forgot to start my watch.

Merry Christmas!

Nick said...

Merry late christmas to everyone.. looks like yall had quite a storm.. Ive fallen off the band wagon and agree with dave on the food thing.. time to get back up!
Second leg of great vacation 09 starts tomorrow as we drive from Indy to Minneapolis. Hopefully weather agrees! BTW.. heading to the Y today for some post christmas punishment.

jeffrey.paine said...

I hate doing the same workout two days in a row!

Shoveled walk/driveway again so Kim could take her mom to the airport this morning. Followed by a finisher of carrying 11 1/2 tons of cardboard to the recycling dumpster through two feet of drifted snow. Forgot to start watch. . .

Max said...

I was kind of restricted on my workout in the garage, so I justed what I had on hand.....

For time:
Row 1000
21 KB clean and press, 35#
21 GHD sit-ups
Row 750
15 KB clean and press, 35#
15 GHD sit-ups
Row 500
9 KB clean and press, 35#
9 GHD sit-ups

As you can tell, I have an equipment issue, huh?

RW said...

Worked out at CrossfitCFT in Nashville again....

Front Squat

3 x DB clean and jerk (35lbs)
5 DL (275)
10 burpees
time = 9:05

J. O'B said...

Shovel driveway for a third straight day? This holiday WOD hopper sucks!

Nick said...

If anyone wants to shovel my driveway while Im gone Ill be happy to let them work on improving their time! Just let me know =)

RW said...

Sunday (27 DEC)

Ran 3 miles