Dec 17, 2009

FRIDAY 091218

Modified "Nate"

In memory of Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy, who was killed Sunday February 4th during combat operations in Iraq. Nate is survived by his wife, Mindi, and his infant son Parker.

AMRAP 20 minutes of:

2 Muscle ups
12 55#KBS (changed from 70#KBS due to our lack of 70# KB's)

Post total rounds for comment.


RW said...

If you do this one with a 70lbs KB the prescribed reps = 8/rnd

jeffrey.paine said...

Completed 9 rounds with the 55# KB variant.

During round 2, I apparently completely forgot how to do muscle ups for about 3 minutes. That may have effected my results a little. Better luck next time. . .

RW said...

10 rds + HSPUs

HSPUs - 1st four rounds with depth to ABMAT x2. All other rounds using bands.

After trying two different ways of scaling the HSPU today, I think using the bands is a more effective way of scaling as opposed to reducing your depth. The bands allow you to get full range of motion and are more fatiguing

J. O'B said...

8 rds
Subbed 6 Ring Pullups and 6 Ring Dips for the 2 MUs.
HSPUs done to a 2 ABMAT depth.

I agree with Ryan on the HSPU scaling.

Nick said...

8 rds
subbed 6 and 6 for the Muscle ups
HSPUs were with the bands

Michael said...

1st MU today! Got 6 of them, which got me through the 1st 3 rounds. Then sub 3:1 in subsequent rounds.

Did 6 rounds complete (MUs slowed me down, but it was worth it)

Then I did 10-9-8 of Nate from yesterday before I had to trade out with my wife at the gym...

C.L. said...

10 rds plus 6 ring pull-ups
- Scaled muscle-ups with 3:1 ring pull-ups and ring dips
- HSPUs turned into sets of 1 or 2by the end
- 70# KBS as rx'd

Worked on muscle-ups with Mr. Monroe before the WOD and got my first 2 ever after that. I guess I used everything up for those 2, though, because I couldn't get 1during the WOD. I also found that working HSPUs into my warm-up (as suggested by Ryan, Upty, and Jeff) has helped immensely.

John McGrady said...

8 rds. Did ring dips/ring pullups 3:1, HSPUs w/ toes over barbell on rack, 55# kb.

craigrr said...

12 rds (-3 KB swings) as Rxd