Dec 10, 2009

FRIDAY 091211

Congratulations class 09-02! Thanks for all the athletes and family members who made this an awesome experience. For those of you moving out to the force, TCB (Elvis and Kramer - Take Care of Business), and stay safe! Enjoy your family time over the Christmas break and stay in touch.

For those hanging around...

Skills/Drills: HSPU!
If you can string multiple HSPU's together, then work a 10 down to 1 pyramid (10 reps, rest, 9 reps, rest...etc.), with no more than 30 sec's rest between sets. If not, work on Tabata intervals, where you hold the position once you reach muscle failure.

100 thrusters for time with 45# bar

post time for comment.


J. O'B said...

HSPU - 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
100 Thrusters(45#) - 6:20

Nick said...

HSPU with harness..
10,9,8,7,6,5,4,then I did 3,2,1 all together.

100 thrusters (45#) 7:30

Thanks for the pointers on coaching to Ryan Upty and John.. Im enrolling in squat therapy =)

RW said...

10 as rxd
9-1 with harness and 30 sec rest

Thrusters - 4:40

C.L. said...

Fight Gone Bad for the study:

Total = 251 (1 point less than last time)

I made gains in everything except SDLHP; I actually lost 22 points on that exercise alone. I think placement had something to do with it; I did it first last time and last this time. I was also mentally weak this morning. I'd say it was 20% physical and 80% mental.

Michael said...

Fight Gone Bad with the Study Group:
310 (PR by 21)

WB: 27, 20, 20
SDHP: 25, 20, 20
Box J: 20, 17, 15
SP: 26, 20, 25
Row: 20, 17, 18

J. Bell said...

I just wanted to thank the Iron Major Cross Fit community for an awesome year. Thanks for the motivation, the WODs, and all of the behind the scenes work. To Dave (the one man staff), great work...everyone benefited from your immense efforts. Take care and see you on the high ground.

Jeremy Bell

Phil B said...

HSPU as rx'd. first time i've been able to do it straight through.

thrusters...remain my nemesis. 5:08.

jeremy, we expect to see your postings over the break!

monroe said...

Had a super group for the Foundations class this week. Will run another next week from 1130 to 1230. Please pass the word for anyone interested. I am doing this for one person, but welcome all comers! For any of you interested in observing, participating, or coaching in prep for an L2, come on out.
Phil suggested a future KB and barbell training session. Anyone interested write to me or Phil, and we will get dates posted.

upty03 said...

HSPUs as RXed...had to break the sets of 8 thru 6 into two sets each, but the rest were straight thru.

5:13 on the WOD

Sheldon said...

Monroe, got some guys here in the office that are interested in getting the foundations training. Could you contact me so I can get them hooked up?


John McGrady said...

did fight gone bad w/ study group
scored 233, a 60 point increase.
I learned the value of having a plan.
CL, you lifted a whole planet yesterday on the DL. That may have had an effect.

Gary said...

Did press-bar assisted HSPUs
35reps into thrusters when I realized my stopwatch hadn't started, finished at 5:22 (+1-2min for uncounted time).

Brian said...

I learned that the HSPU rig is best not done solo, and w/ 100 thrusters, it is good to pace yourself. 7:47, with most of the time in the last 25.