Dec 3, 2009

FRIDAY 091204

You asked for it, you got it. Today's WOD is based on a tactical scenario, developed by Brassring Fitness, and designed to provide a clear link between the WOD and tactical scenarios. Thank you Brassring Fitness!

Full Mission Profile: "Up in Smoke"


The United States has identified opium trafficking in Afghanistan — the source of more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin supplies — as a primary target in the stepped-up battle against the Taliban insurgency. According to the recent United Nations survey, 98 percent of Afghanistan’s opium comes from seven provinces in the southwest, with no opium at all produced in half of the country’s 34 provinces. The bulk of the NATO troops operating in the southwest come from the United States, Britain, Canada and Denmark. Helmand Province in the southwest, is the heartland of the opium trade and one of the most intensive battlefields of the insurgency. The southern districts of Helmand Province border with Pakistan.

Mission Objective: Destroy with high explosives known drug and weapon cache prior to meeting between drug lords and Taliban leaders.

Insertion: Insert upstream in Helmand River under the cover of night and swim to patrol point. Patrol to objective through rugged terrain. Contact with small bands of enemy fighters is expected.

Actions at the Objective: Overrun and defeat small guard element. Document with photo and video all weapons and drugs. Destroy all weapons and drugs with high explosive charges.

Extraction: Patrol to helo LZ through rugged terrain. Contact with small bands of enemy fighters is expected. Helo extract at precise time required due to impending explosion and notification of presence.

Escape and Evasion: In the case of a missed helo pickup, proceed on E&E south over the border into Pakistan and make radio communications for alternate pick up.

Rules of Engagement: Lethal force is authorized. Due to the time of the raid and the need to move light and fast, no prisoners will be taken.

Timeline: Due to the volatile nature of this operation, speed is essential. Therefore, from insertion to extraction the mission window is 1 hour. After that time it will be impossible to safely bring in a helo for pick up and you will have to go on E&E.

Full Mission Profile (FMP) WOD:

Insertion: Swim 500m
Run 1 Mile (leave the pool, head out the front of Harney, turn left on 4th, Left on Cody, turn around at intersection with Biddle)

Contact: 3 rounds of:
10 Burpees
10 Pullups

Actions on the OBJ:
21-15-9 of
Thrusters (45#)
KBS (1 pood - 55#)
50 Double unders/round

Run 2 miles (drop every minute for 10 push-ups)(the two mile route follows the same start as the 1 mile route, leave front of Harney, except once you reach the Biddle-Cody intersection, turn right on Biddle, and run to the intersection with Pope Ave. Turn around and return to the gym/base).

You must complete the WOD in 1 Hour. Scale as necessary. If you go over 1 Hour then do the following:
50 Burpees
50 squats
50 Pushups
50 situps
50 pullups

Enjoy! Dress appropriately! It will be cold! Especially for you morning folks!


J. O'B said...


Wayne L said...

who exactly asked for this???

Jorge R. said...

Can you say:

"Embrace the Suck!"

Brian said...

Ditto to above comments.
Swim: 9:21
Run: 11:23 (inc xsition)
Contact: 5:32
Action: 11:42
Extraction: 23:07
TOTAL: 1:01
Scaled: 35# KBS, Blue band &/or jumping pullups, Made up double unders after- I don't have consecutive DU's yet, so moved to end to maintain intensity.
150 DU's: 12:46
Penalty: 16:36

500 m swim
3 miles run
80 Burpees
125 scaled pullups
45 each KBS & thrusters
150 Double unders
280 Pushups
50 each sqts & situps

I hope pneumonia does not follow.

upty03 said...

DNF...technically, I am still in some random body of water because I scaled the swim to 250m. (Terrible swimmer.) Had 10 minutes left and one mile to run, and then I got diverted to a different mission from higher. Higher needed me to move to OBJ BRADLEY to secure two key pax and move them to OBJ HOUSE.

Humbling and terrible mission.

Phil B said...

wow. that was humbling. i thought i was in better shape. Had to make some adjustments for the bum ankle (torn ligaments), so did the following:
infil: swam 500m, 1600m row (according to our resident crew expert, Jeff, 1600m is more than adequate sub for 1 mile run)
Contact: as rx'd
Actions on: sub'd step ups (20" box)
for DU's
Exfil: Row 3200m

Total 54:13
I made the exfil bird, but was so exhausted during actions on, I don't think i was much value added to the team.

Brian said...

By the way, if I find out any of you are jumping rope in combat, I'll shoot you myself.

RW said...

57:05 rxd

Great turn out this afternoon. Not a fun workout, but it is always enjoyable to share some pain with some good people.

Wayne L said...


scaled d/u to 3:1
1st round of KBS i accidentally picked up a 35#

penalty will have to wait for this weekend. Al Quaida can have the poppy fields for another day or two.

I have to say this is probably the best total workout i've done.

J. O'B said...

Again, I say F! 1:13:20

Russian style KBS and did pushups every 1.5-2 minutes (not sure, Nick kept time)
Running performance killed me as did thrusters which I hate. Transition from swim ate too much time. Doing punishment tomorrow am b/c Nick called me names when I suggested we bin it.

I don't think anyone really asked for this. We just had it coming! Congrats to those who made it under 1hr.

Jorge R. said...

Did not make it to exfil point and was left behind enemy lines with the rest of my team. Wayne, John, Nick and myself had to E&E to alternate pick-up zone, got compromised and were captured. Yes, I am writing from some POW camp.

Total(-)penalty 1:12.52
(Had to scaled down DU to 21, 15 and 9 since my shoulders, arms and lats were so smoked from Pull-ups and thrusters). I was useless after 500M swim anyway and had to pretty much embrace the suckfest afterwards...felt numb during both runs and dropping every 2 minutes for 20 PU did not help my running momentum as much as I thought either. Very humbling experience, I am contemplating writing my "Crucible" paper on this horrible episode of my CrossFit life(LOL).

Will conduct penalty round tomorrow...

Wah, wah, wah!!!

C.L. said...

1:07:16 total

Scaled swim to 250m (or else I would have needed a medevac) and DUs to 3:1. Painful, humbling, hard, and every other word like these that you can think of. As difficult as this was physically, though, I found that it was even harder mentally. My mind was ready to give up before my body. My punishment will be done at some point. I think I'd rather be water-boarded...

Nick said...

I think I ran in the opposite direction.. Im now somewhere near farah..

but really .. 1:13:20 on the total. The swim kicked my booty, the first mile kicked my booty, the first metcon kicked my booty (sensing a theme).
I did do the 150 singles for every double under set.
This was a great workout, I agree, incredibly humbling. THanks to JOB for pushing me that last two miles.

Since I missed the bird.. Ive gone native.. someone send martin sheen to get me..

the horror.. the horror

John McGrady said...

I was doing pushups in sight of Harney at 1 hr. Decided time no longer mattered and that I would be happy to complete the penalty later. Scaled DUs to 3:1, used 35 lb KB, and was doing pushups on my knees at the end. That sucked.

Michael said...

That was a tough finish to a tough week. Wow.

1:05:02 with following mods:
- 250 m swim...
- 3:1 jumprope for DUs

J. O'B said...

Did burpees, pullups and squats in sets of 15-10-10-10-5.
Did situps and pushups in sets of 25-25.

Russ said...
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Russ said...

Swim: 16-ish (all arms)
1MR: 7+
Crossfit: 19+
---Scaled to 75 single-unders per set (25 DUs) because I can't jump rope like Ryan.
---Ended up at jumping pullups during 15 & 9 of actions on

2MR: 17+

Total 59:44..or somewhere in there. i was incoherent when I logged it.

"Thank you for conditioning my mind, body, and soul"...I haven't felt prolonged suck like that since Ranger school. But APRFI says I need more cardio [I think they're just anti-Crossfit] , so let's do this more often!!

KGray said...


Thrusters: 25lbs
Kettle Bell: 20lbs

Scaled jump rope. I did 3:1 for jump rope using 21-15-9 before I noticed that I was supposed to be doing 150 of them.... Sorry, just couldn't go back..

Scaled 2nd run to a mile and 3/4s. The push ups every minute were a welcome break.