Dec 3, 2009

CrossFit Lumberjack

This weekend, there is an awesome opportunity to support our brothers and sisters in arms, families, and friends who were affected by the ruthless shooting at Ft. Hood. CrossFit Lumberjack is one of the local affiliates of the Ft. Hood community, and lost four of their athletes in the attack. On December 5th, many affiliates across the nation are showing their support by doing the "Lumberjack 20 WOD". We will do that WOD on Monday, December 7th. Please stop by and check out how you can help out their community while they recover from their losses.

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upty03 said...

Additionally, Ryan Wylie and I are looking in to how Iron Major can create a donation site...all of the funds go to the families of the four warrior athletes killed and to the 11 other warrior athletes injured in the attack. We're working on it.