Dec 7, 2009

TUESDAY 091208

15-10-5 reps of:

KB thrusters (w/35# KB in each hand)
KBS (with 70# KB)

Post total time for comment.

Compare to 091001


Brian said...

I did my followup APFRI assessment Monday- it showed crossfit works (but I had already figured that out). My 1st assessment was in March. I took Dave's foundations class in late May. Here are some of the highlights:
-Cut triglicerides in half, and dropped total cholesteral
-Lost 4.4% Body fat (~2" off waist)
-Improved leg extension 20#
-Improved Bench 45#
-(strength from 50th percentile to 80th)
-Improved V02 max
And I still have a long way to go.

Brian said...

Again some substitutions to accomodate only 25# KB at home.
75# bar thrusters
25# KBS/arm
pullups as Rx'd

RW said...

4:06 rxd

A little slower than last time. I will chalk that up to the Lumberjack 20 yesterday.

J. O'B said...

5:19 (Russian style KBS)
Huge improvement from 1OCT - 10:48 w/ half the pullups scaled with a band.

Then worked 1RM Shoulder Press

Phil B said...

Freakin' awesome work Brian!!

jeffrey.paine said...

6:03 as Rxed.

Late due to snow and no one likes to answer the phone at Harney with the number they published on the website and in the phonebook at 0515 in the morning.

stimey1975 said...

12:18 as Rx'd.

Wayne L said...

6:21 today in ACU's, definately tell the difference wearing boots during pull-ups

in october it took 7:09 for this WOD

craigrr said...

4:03 as Rxd

Nick said...

6:30 as Rx'ed.. Big improvement over last time.. Lost over 3 min.. then worked shoulder presses with J'OB
95, 105, 115, 125, 135(PR), 140(f), 140(f)

worked some ball slams and other fun stuff this afternoon prior to the mini fudementals class

Max said...


Awesome work. Just think, you have another year at SAMS! Great work.

Didn't have 2 x 35# KBs at the house. Did:

10 x THR (65#)
10 x PU

11 Rounds - last time got 12. My reason is the same as Ryan's!

Chris said...

did it Weds morning: 7:30 w/ orange pullup band assistance

Gary said...