Nov 17, 2009


12 x 25m sprints
Start each sprint every 20 seconds until complete

Post total time for comment.

The gym will be occupied in the afternoon for the CF101.


J. O'B said...

I got some good advice this morning to run this outside otherwise you'll be on the brakes 1/2 way through each sprint to avoid hitting the wall. You'll need a good bit of run out distance.

jeffrey.paine said...

I did hit the wall, literally, on about half of these. If you are going to do it inside, do it the long way on the basketball court so you have room to run it out.

In any case, This took exactly 4 minutes as prescribed.

The real accomplishment was getting my first full muscle-up today. Only took me 4 years to get there!!!

Nick said...

Outside was better.. plus in the dark no one saw my super knife hand running technique. Quite sneaky of me.

4 min a rxed

this aft I made up last fridays WOD.

C.L. said...

Did the following WOD:

15 - 10 - 5 reps of:
- Thrusters (45#)
- Burpees
- Air Squats

4:18 - 10 times as tough as I thought it would be.

Followed up with push press:

5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
95, 135, 135 (fault on 5th rep), 115, 115

Awesome session with Coach Glassman and friends this afternoon!

MAJ Lynn W. Ray said...

WOD after the Coach Glassman seminar.

3 Rounds for time:

15 - 10 - 5 reps of:
- Thrusters (15 lbs)
- Burpees
- Air Squats

Time: 4:50

Followed up with push press:

5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
This weight was pretty easy, I should have increased each round. Will adjust as required next time :-)

KGray said...

Thusters 15lb
Air Squats

of Push Press Jerk (I think it might be called. Where you squat, raise, jump, and extend arms over your head.)
Anyway... 45lbs. I think I might have been able to go a little heavier.

John McGrady said...

Did the ad hoc 15-10-5
5-5-5-5-5 push press 95#

Michael said...

WOD after CF101:
45# thruster
air squats

Then 5,5,5,5,5 of Push Press:
135, 135, 115, 135, 135