Nov 10, 2009



Five rounds for time of:
20 pull-ups
30 push-ups
40 sit-ups
50 squats

Rest exactly 2 MINUTES between rounds

Post time to comments.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

This one is a bit daunting if you have a tough time with pull-ups.

One way to scale this, if you don't have a band, is to cut the number of reps if half.

Fifty pull-ups is still alot.

Or, do jumping pull-ups. The pull-up bars at the track are set-up perfectly.

If you can do ten pull-ups, unbroken, then don't scale it - do your best.

Phil B said...

thanks for covering down on the post. busy night.

RW said...


Harney gym is closed tomorrow, but Gruber gym is open from 0800-1800.

jeffrey.paine said...

Thanks to RW for the updated WOD posting - halfway through my 4th Round. . . ;-)

33:35 straight through.

J. O'B said...

31:59 Ouch!
Scaled: jumped last 2 pullups of 1st rd and last 1/2 of remaining rds.
Happy Veterans' Day

RW said...

26:54 rxd

w/ 2 min rest and feet supported sit-ups

PR by 30 seconds

Jeff - sorry for the last minute update, I am not sure that resting changes the overall time for this WOD. It does definately change the tempo of the WOD. Probably good to try this one each way.

Toby said...

17:47 as rx'd, pr by 11 mins
The weight vest is paying off

Gary said...

Nice day for an outdoor workout at the track.

Able to get all 20 pullups on 1st round (new PR), had to scale subsequent rounds on p/u.

jeffrey.paine said...

Ryan - no worries. I find it humorous (and a little painful, too).

It definitely changes my idea of a good tempo for this WOD, though.

KPaine said...

Do we count rest time into our reporting time? I was 41 minutes, including 9 mins of break. Used the blue band for 1st half of pull-ups and did jumping pull-ups for the remainder. Glad that's DONE.

Russ said...

As RXd.... 30:54 including rests.
Situps were feet supported.

Thank God for veterans.

craigrr said...

26:40 with 10 x 1-leg squats instead of 50 air squats (groin pull)

Brian said...

I made this up on Thursday. After DT, I had a hard time doing any pullups today.
Makeup: as Rx'd, 40 min.

anniedunscombe said...

ugh.. 40 minutes