Nov 23, 2009

TUESDAY 091124

As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) in 12 Minutes of:

3 x Power Cleans (185#/115#)
5 x Pullups
10 x Pushups
15 x Squats

Post total number of rounds for comment.


J. O'B said...

7 rds (scaled P Clean to 125#)
Need to focus on resetting stance correctly after each P Clean. No drive today. Looking fwd to coming back fresh after Thanksgiving.

jeffrey.paine said...

6 rounds plus 1 P. Clean.
Scaled to 155# on Power Cleans to maintain intensity.

Back squats were a bit half-hearted today.
135, 155, 185, 215, 245, back down to 135 to work form.

upty03 said...

As RX'ed...7 rounds...had a hard time today with a callous injury in the first round.

Russ said...

225 on the back squats, but no power coming back up.

Then 8 rds at 135# (4 rds) then 95# (4rds) for cleans.

Sacrificed intensity for technique, which still sucked.

King of the Britons said...

1 air squat short of 5 rounds.


3 x 5 @ 135
2 x 5 @ 145
1 x 5 @ 155

RW said...

7 rds rxd

Michael said...

Strength work prior to WOD for study goup:
1x5 @ 40% of 1RM = 115 (1RM was 255 in Oct)
1x5 @ 50% = 135
1x3 @ 60% = 140
1x5 @ 75% = 185
1x5 @ 80% = 195
1x5 @ 85% = 215

scaled to #135 on power clean to focus on technique

7 rds complete + thru 7 pushups

Brian said...

Friends in town. 1st time coaching CF other than running.

7 rounds, scaled PC to 95# out of need and Pullups to blue band to keep intensity up.

Max said...

Scaled to 135# due to lingering wrist injury

7 rounds

Liked the "add weight to Cindy" idea....nice!

D_E_K said...

5 rds and 3/4. Still feeling this weekend! Cleans scaled to 75.

Damon said...

It is great to be back in the gym with everyone. TDY for 3 weeks was beneficial, but didn't amount to the intensity in the gym. You can only do so much in hotel gyms!

As for today's WOD, I am very impressed with you studs that didn't have to scale that power clean weight!

I had to scale power cleans to 165#. Completed 8 rounds plus one power clean.

John McGrady said...

made it to 195# on the squats

7 rds + 2 x pullups w/ 135# on the bar

Nick said...

7 Rds (scaled P clean to 135)
Need to get reset between PCs.

Russ said...

what time is Wed morning WOD, 0600?

jeffrey.paine said...

Wed am WOD for CrossFit Study is 0600. Ryan is the trainer.

J. Bell said...

Ran 5 miles before WOD, so didn't do the back squats.

Scaled Pwr Cln to 135. Did ring Pull Ups...10 rounds even.

Chris said...

5 rnds plus PC, Pullup and 1 pushup...135 PC's